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blind manufacturers

Blind Manufacturers

blind manufacturers

3 Day Blinds Blind Manufacturers

Of all blind manufacturers, 3 Day Blinds is at the top of this list with its custom made blinds and drapery. At 3 Day Blinds, we manufacture our own products allowing our customers the ultimate in flexibility and customization.  With decades of experience, we can make any of your window treatments suitable to your exact needs. We also sell and install the amazing Hunter Douglas brand of blinds.  Our window treatment experts have all gone through extensive Hunter Douglas product training providing our clients with all the information necessary to choose which window treatments best suit their needs. Additionally our service comes with a free in-home design consultation to help you find the idea blinds, shutters, and drapery for your home or office.  As recommended by the Window Covering Safety Council, our award winning website and design team are eagerly waiting to assist you.

Why Choose 3 Day Blinds Over Other Blind Manufacturers?

Well, the answer is simple. When you choose 3 Day Blinds as your resource for window treatments, we only offer the best of the best window treatments on the market today including shades, shutters, blinds, drapes and curtains. Whatever your window treatment need may be, we can certainly provide a solution for it. Aside from manufacturing our own 3 Day Blinds brand of blinds and shades, the only other brand we carry is Hunter Douglas. Whether you and the 3 Day Blinds window treatment expert who comes to your home for you free in-home consultation decide upon a 3 Day Blinds manufactured solution or a Hunter Douglas solution, you can count of getting the highest quality window treatment(s) on the market. All installations, whether you select Hunter Douglas window treatment(s) or 3 Day Blinds brand window treatment(s), installations will be provided through 3 Day Blinds. Basically, whether your blinds or shades are Hunter Douglas or 3 Day Blinds brand, 3 Day Blinds ensures they are customizable to your exact wants and needs. All you have to do is choose the design amongst the two blind manufacturers we offer and we take care of the rest.

Hunter Douglas: More than One Blind Manufacturer Offered at 3 Day Blinds

Hunter Douglas is the only other blinds and shades manufacturer that 3 Day Blinds carries aside from our own 3 Day Blinds brand. Hunter Douglas is a leader in window treatment design innovation and is the largest manufacturer of custom-made shades and blinds in the world. Hunter Douglas, like 3 Day Blinds, offers exclusive and patented customizations including upgrades, design features, fabrics, colors and patterns. Through 3 Day Blinds, you can have customized Hunter Douglas or 3 Day Blinds brand window treatments in your home within three days! Who wouldn’t want to choose 3 Day Blinds for their window treatment needs and select from shade and blind manufacturers that are ranked best in the world?

custom window treatments

3 Day Blinds | The Best in Blind Design

Blind design

What Types of Blind Design Options Does 3 Day Blinds Offer?

Are you finding yourself baffled by the multitude of blind design options on the market? 3 Day Blinds can help you choose the right blind design for your windows. With our free in-home consultation with a window treatment expert, we are positive you will be able to find the right blinds, shutters, shades, drapes or curtains that best suit your needs. We know there are many different types of blinds to choose from which is why our window treatment experts can walk you through the process and help you identify the right window treatment for your needs.  We’ll get you not only the style that looks best, but performs the best in your home. From room darkening rooms to advanced functionality, to child safety, 3 Day Blinds has you and your windows covered.

What Blind Design Best Suits Your Needs?

Depending on what are you looking for in a window treatment, 3 Day Blinds’ window treatment experts can assist you in finding the perfect blinds, drapes, curtains, shutters or shades to suit your needs.  Different types of designs suit different needs and we can help you find the right one for the right windows and rooms.  For example, if you are looking for a window treatment that will completely keep out sunlight, you probably want to look for a blackout curtain. If you want to outfit a window in a small room, you probably want to something light in both color and texture to avoid making the smaller areas appear even smaller. At 3 Day Blinds, no matter what type of window treatments you are looking for, you are sure to find the perfect match. As recommended by the Window Covering Safety Council, 3 Day Blinds manufactures all types of curtains, drapes, shutters, shades and blinds. From vertical, mini and cellular blinds to wood, faux wood and vinyl blinds our window treatment experts will find the perfect blind design for your window treatment needs.

Blind Companies | 3 Day Blinds

One of the Best Blind Companies on the Market: 3 Day BlindsgI_110848_houzz_award_2013

Why Choose 3 Day Blinds Over Other Blind Companies?

Of custom blinds companies seen on the interior design website Houzz, 3 Day Blinds reigns as one of the best on the market today. As opposed to going to your local hardware, department or specialty store in search for the perfect window treatments, 3 Day Blinds provides its customers with a free in-home design consultations and takes care of everything from design ideas and inspiration to actually installing your blinds, curtains, shutters or drapes. Whether you are looking to outfit a window with blinds, drapes or shutters, 3 Day Blinds is the company to choose for the best of the best window treatments. Our experts come to you at your convenience and can have high-quality window treatments delivered and installed for you within three days.

How Does 3 Day Blinds Work Compared to Other Blind Companies?

When compared to other window treatment companies, 3 Day Blinds’ customer service is top notch.  Plus you get the added bonus of having a 3 Day Blinds consultant come to you! You don’t even have to leave your house! Talk about convenient. Do you have window you want to have blinds made for, but after endless searching you just can’t seem to find the right ones that fit your window’s measurements? With 3 Day Blinds, you can make a free in-home appointment/consultation and our experts will come to you, and often we can come that same day! During your consultation, our window treatment experts will precisely measure your windows and provide expert design advice and suggestions. Our window treatments are custom to your windows and your needs. Once you have selected the window treatments that suit your needs, we can have the high-quality manufactured materials delivered to us within as little as two days and can have them installed in your house within three days, hence our name, 3 Day Blinds.

At 3 Day Blinds, we provide our customers with the best customer service, highest quality window treatments and value and peace of mind that no other blinds companies can come close to beating or even matching.

3 day blinds reviews

Blinds Reviews | 3 Day Blinds

3 day blinds reviews

For 35 years 3 Day Blinds has provided clients with  premium custom window treatments with unrivaled service and value in our blinds, shades, shutters and curtains and drapes.  Here are what a few customers have said about our services.

Blinds Reviews Orange County

“My Design Consultant arrived on time, and we promptly got to work.  She measured my windows, and gave me excellent advice, which I needed. She did not try to push me toward more expensive items, nor did she try to sell me more than I wanted to buy.  Five stars!”

  • Aliso Viejo, California

Blinds Reviews Chicago

“My Design Consultant was prompt and prepared with many samples, which made the process so much easier. We talked about two rooms and then I decided to ask about treatment possibilities for two more rooms!  She was easy to work with and had great suggestions.  I would definitely recommend 3 Day Blinds and my Design Consultant to anyone looking for window treatments.”

  • Glenview, Illinois

Blinds Reviews Austin

“My Design Consultant paid lots of attention to details. She helped me through the whole process- product selection and color choices. What a knowledgeable representative. She is sensitive to the trade-offs between features and prices. Highly recommend 3 Day Blinds!”

  • Austin, Texas

Blinds Reviews Los Angeles

“The Design Consultant that came to my home showed me fantastic customer service.  3 Day Blinds was recommended by a friend based on wonderful service. She was right, I will call again for future service!”

  • Los Angeles, California

If you want more confirmation of our satisfied customers check out our 3 Day Blinds Reviews page.


safe window treatments for kids

Safe Blinds | 3 Day Blinds

safe window treatments for kids

According to USA Today, a safety advocacy group claims nearly 300 children have strangled to death or were seriously injured by window- blind cords since 1996, and at least 10 of those have been military housing residents.

These tragic events have spurred parents into action, to try and bring awareness to military housing and window treatment safety. Our focus needs to be on preventing these incidents before they occur.

According to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission corded window coverings are on the top 5 hidden hazards in the home.

CPSC VIDEO: Are your window coverings safe?

There are numerous advocacy groups who bring awareness to this tragic subject and 3 Day Blinds is proud to provide products that will keep children safe in the home. The Window Covering Safety Council recommends you only use cordless window products in young children’s bedrooms and play areas.

If you wish to keep your old window treatments, 3 Day Blinds provides FREE Blind and Shade Retrofit KitsThese kits modify blind or shade cords and help reduce the risk of strangulation on window covering’s made by any manufacturer and purchased before 2001. 

Recommended Child- Safe Window Treatment Products

If you have young children and are looking to replace window coverings, 3 Day Blinds recommends selecting cordless products.

Faux Wood Blinds

  • Liftless Angled Slat 2″ Faux Wood Blinds
  • Liftless 2″ Faux Wood Blinds

Honeycomb Shades

  • Cordless Honeycomb Shades
  • Motorized with Remote Control Honeycomb Shades

Roller Shades

  • Cordless Roller Shades
  • Motorized with Remote Control Roller Shades

Horizontal Sheer Shades

  • Motorized with Remote Control Horizontal Sheer Shades


  • Wood Shutters
  • Polymer Shutters

Vertical Blinds

  • Cordless Vertical Blinds (Wand Control)

Wood Blinds

  • Liftless 2″ Wood Blinds

Roman Shades

  • Motorized with Remote Control

For more on safe window treatments for children, check out 3 Day Blinds window covering safety tips.

Sell This House Extreme 3 Day Blinds- Living Room

3 Day Blinds | Sell This House: Extreme Mercer Island

The season finale of Sell This House: Extreme in Mercer Island is one of the most amazing transformations that that the 3 Day Blinds team has been involved with. Mercer Island is a gorgeous town located in the state of Washington and known for its amazing homes with beautiful views. Unfortunately for Greg and Carol, their home might have the gorgeous view but could use a lot of work. With Carol suffering from MS, she is unable to help Greg with the repairs to the home. On top of that, with the dwindling financial and physical reserves the house has become too much of a burden for this couple to bear. Carol and Greg desperately need the assitance of the Sell This House: Extreme and 3 Day Blinds team in order for them to sell their house and downsize to something more practical.

Sell This House Extreme Kitchen beforeSell This House Extreme Kitchen before

3 Day Blinds Sell  | This House Extreme Mercer Island- Kitchen Before

This kitchen hasn’t been updated for over 50 years, and it certainly appears that way. Not only is the style of this kitchen completely outdated but more than half the appliances don’t even work! Designer Daniel Kucan has said time and time again, the kitchen is one of the most important, if not the most important selling points of a home and the state this kitchen in has buyers thinking- this is total tear out and remodel. 

Sell This House Extreme 3 Day Blinds Kitchen Sell This House Extreme 3 Day Blinds Kitchen

3 Day Blinds Sell  | This House Extreme Mercer Island- Kitchen After

If there is such thing as a perfect kitchen, this kitchen is pretty close. Builder Charlie Frattini did what he does best, ripping out seventy five percent of the kitchen. Raising the ceiling and blowing out a strange hallway that was located behind the old kitchen, completely opened up this space. A trending color palette of dark brown, white and muted blue combined with steel appliances and hardware gives this kitchen a fresh and sophisticated look.

Sell This House Extreme before Sell This House Extreme before

3 Day Blinds Sell  | This House Extreme Mercer Island- Dining Room Before

This decor might have been attractive 50 years ago but in 2013 this screams remodel. Looking at this space all I can think of is brown, there is absolutely no life to this room, no color, texture, or interesting decor. The problem here is that nothing about this space is going to make buyers think- wow, I could really see myself living here. Instead this space has buyers running for the hills in avoidance of a stressful and expensive remodel.

3 Day Blinds dining room 3 Day Blinds dining room 3 Day Blinds dining room

3 Day Blinds Sell  | This House Extreme Mercer Island- Dining Room After

Designer Daniel Kucan brought this space into the 21st century. The layout of this dining room is very vertical and draws the eyes upward making the space appear much larger. With accents of mid century modern pieces this dining room is anything but boring. Believe it or not the dining room chairs are vintage pieces that were reupholstered with 3 Day Blinds fabric in Andes Coffee Bean. In fact, if you fall in love with a 3 Day Blinds fabric you can purchase fabric by the yard and make accent pillows, or even follow suit of the expert designers and reupholster furniture.

Sell This House Extreme 3 Day Blinds before Sell This House Extreme 3 Day Blinds before Sell This House Extreme 3 Day Blinds before

3 Day Blinds Sell  | This House Extreme Mercer Island- Living Room Before

The dull and dated theme of the kitchen and dining room is pulled into the living room as well. There are three different types of sofas in this room, three! Not to mention none of the wood furniture matches. This room is not only old and mismatched, but it is actually very dangerous. Any home buyer with kids is going to take one look at that fireplace and think, hazard. To top things off, I have to point out that this room is missing one key element…window treatments. While the sunlight peering in to the room might be nice at times can you image not having window treatments to block out the glare when watching the television?

Sell This House Extreme 3 Day Blinds- Living Room Sell This House Extreme 3 Day Blinds- Living Room Sell This House Extreme 3 Day Blinds- Living Room Sell This House Extreme 3 Day Blinds- Living Room

3 Day Blinds Sell  | This House Extreme Mercer Island- Living Room After

Daniel ripped up the carpeting and ran beautiful Brazilian hardwood flooring through the house unifying the space. He painted the walls a stormy bay color that added depth to the room and bold vertical art work to draw buyers eyes upward. A new fire place and hearth make the room a cutting edge focus. 3 Day Blinds pulled through adding the finishing touch of gorgeous window treatments. The 3 Day Blinds team selected Draperies in Matrix Rivera to that complement the color palette of this scheme of this room perfectly.

Sell This House Extreme Patio before Sell This House Extreme Patio before Sell This House Extreme Patio before

3 Day Blinds Sell  | This House Extreme Mercer Island- Patio Before

Greg and Carol both love to work in the yard but they are unable to keep up with its maintenance and as a result the yard is overgrown with weeds and neglected. To make matters worse the patio is rotting and is a safety hazard.

Sell this house extreme patio before Sell this house extreme patio before Sell this house extreme patio before

3 Day Blinds Sell  | This House Extreme Mercer Island- Patio After

In just 18 hours this backyard was completely transformed. A freshly manicured lawn, rockery, and a stone patio to replace the rotting deck, bring this backyard back to life. Pruned and groomed, in a few months this backyard will be transformed to a greenery paradise. This backyard is now a selling point for this home, who wouldn’t want to relax with friends and family on the patio and lawn?

3 Day Blinds was thrilled to be a part of this seasons Sell This House: Extreme on A&E. The work the entire cast and team put into all 8 homes this season was phenomenal, and truly touched the lives of many homeowners. If you’re interested in more home makeover ideas check our 3 Day Blinds Houzz page, we’ve got tons of architecture, interior design and decorating, landscape design and home improvement ideas!



kitchen blinds

Benefits of Kitchen Blinds | 3 Day Blinds

kitchen blinds

Benefits of Kitchen Blinds

When designing a kitchen, much of the emphasis is often put on hardware and major appliances, like stainless steel commercial stoves. Refacing old cabinetry is also a popular trend, as it allows homeowners to add a sleek new look to their kitchen without the cost of completely replacing the cabinets. Deep-bowl sinks are another hot kitchen trend that looks to be gathering steam.

But once the hardware, flooring, cabinetry and countertops have all been updated, some kitchen remodelers overlook updating their window treatments. In truth, adding brand new kitchen blinds to a redesign is often just the thing it takes to make the new design efforts sparkle.

kitchen blinds faux wood

Faux Wood Blinds in the Kitchen

Faux Wood Blinds are an ideal window treatment choice for a kitchen that has a more traditional appeal, or one that blends the textures of nature with clean, modern minimalism.

3 Day Blinds offers Faux Wood Blinds in many finishes. All of these blinds have the look and feel of real wood, but are moisture resistant, and capable of enduring the temperature- and moisture-related rigors of the common kitchen.

Vinyl Binds in the Kitchen

Vinyl Blinds from 3 Day Blinds are fashionable, durable, easy to clean, and nearly impervious to moisture. All of these qualities make them ideally suited as a window treatment for kitchens.

Not only are they practical, but they are also available in a wide range of colors and patterns, so they blend well with just about any kitchen décor.

kitchen blinds mini blinds

Mini Blinds in the Kitchen

Mini Blinds are classic, popular, budget-friendly, and versatile. 3 Day Blinds offers Mini Blinds in rust-proof aluminum, with a scratch resistant, easy-to-clean finish. Because they are rust-proof, there is no need to worry about installing them near a sink or stovetop.

Want to accentuate that stainless range? Brushed aluminum Mini Blinds might be an ideal choice. Or perhaps you’d like to bring out the richness of your new hardwoods with 3 Day Blinds’ Milk Chocolate venetians. Whatever your design aesthetic, our Mini Blinds can help you to perfect it.

Vertical Blinds in the Kitchen

If your kitchen has a large picture window, then Vertical Blinds can help you transform it into the dramatic focal point that it should be. Our Vinyl Vertical Blinds have the same durability as our Vinyl Blinds, and they match perfectly.

They also have excellent insulating properties, so your kitchen will stay warmer in the winter and cooler during the hot summer months.

3 Day Blinds custom window treatments

Why Paper Blinds Fold Under the Pressure | 3 Day Blinds

Why Paper Blinds Fold Under the Pressure

Anyone who has ever moved from one location to another knows that it can be one of the most stressful experiences in life, not to mention costly and time consuming. After all, you’re packing up your entire life, and whether you’re moving across town or across the country, that’s no small task.

Once the moving truck is gone, and the last box has been unpacked, most of us just want to sit down and relax, or maybe take a long nap. But, unless you are moving into a fully furnished house or apartment, the window treatments in your new place might be severely lacking, or nonexistent.

Feeling Exposed Without Window Treatments?

It can be really difficult to feel settled without proper window treatments. You might have taken them for granted before, not realizing how much warmth, style and privacy they brought to your old house. Now, their necessity has never been more evident.

Because of the practical and aesthetic impact that window treatments can have on a new home, many people prioritize the purchase of blinds, shades, or drapes as the first order of business. But when calling around to popular online and local window treatment vendors, they end up shocked at how long it will take to receive the order. When the salesperson senses the hesitation and disappointment in the caller’s voice, they might recommend buying paper blinds from a retail store.

Are Paper Blinds Worth the Trouble

Paper blinds are temporary window coverings that are often used when waiting for permanent window treatments. They consist of accordion-folded paper with an adhesive strip, with a set of small clips that is typically included to hold them up.

While paper binds do provide temporary privacy, they have many drawbacks. First of all, they can’t be cleaned, so if a child decides they are an ideal canvas for his next masterwork, then you’ll have to look at the painting or drawing until the long wait for some of our competitors’ window treatments is over.

Second, while fairly easy to install, removing paper blinds can be very difficult. The residue left behind by the adhesive backing can be tough to remove, and many recommended removal methods run the risk of damaging your paint or walls.

Third, installing paper blinds adds extra, unnecessary cost and work to the already stressful experience of getting settled in a new place. If you are paying for window treatments, why should you have to make an extra trip to pay for tacky paper blinds that you’re just going to have to tear down anyway? Don’t you already have enough to do?

3 Day Blinds

The 3 Day Blinds Difference

When you order your window treatments from 3 Day Blinds, you’ll be pleased at how fast and easy the process is. We can often schedule an in-home appointment with one of our design consultants the same day you call, and our products are delivered and installed in as little as 3 days.

You’ll get sound advice, precise measurements, and professional installation, along with great service and custom window treatments that fit right the first time.

And, you won’t be stuck looking at paper blinds for months.


horizontal sheer shades

Living Room Ideas

Living Room Ideas for Window Treatments

When you entertain guests, you most likely spend the majority of your time together in the living room. In day-to-day life, the living room serves as a communal gathering place for families and housemates. In many homes, it also serves as the media room

Because it’s such an important social focal point, your living room should always make your guests feel comfortable. It should express your personality and sense of style, so that you’re eager to show it off.

And because the living room often serves several purposes, it is important to select window treatments that are both stylish and functional.

horizontal sheer shades

Source: 3 Day Blinds, horizontal sheer shades

Sleek and Versatile

If your living room windows are in need of something subtle yet chic, then Horizontal Sheer Shades make for a superb choice. These lightweight shades provide reassuring seclusion when closed, so you’ll feel at ease whenever you need privacy. If you want to enjoy your view of the outside world, they can be fully retracted into a sleek fabric valance.

Enjoy the Show

If your living room doubles as a home theater, then it may be wise to choose a room-darkening window treatment. We offer many room-darkening options, including the aforementioned Horizontal Sheer Shades, classically elegant Roller Shades, and more.

Living Room Shades

Source: 3 Day Blinds, Roman Shades

Simply Charming

In the living rooms of outgoing socialites, the style of the window treatments is an important factor. After all, a room’s window treatments have a huge influence on the overall look and feel of the space.

3 Day Blinds offers a plethora of window treatments with a serious “wow” factor. To bring a little bit of the outside in, try Woven Wood Shades. Pair them with flowing, sheer curtains in a coordinating color to really complete the look.

For modern living rooms that could use a little more airiness, floor-to-ceiling drapes with hand-pressed grommets give the impression of higher ceilings, and turn windows into striking focal points. Pair the drapes with Roman Shades for a dashing, architectural look.

Easy to Love

Choosing Cellular Shades gives a living room easygoing style and superb functionality. Not only do they have a subtle, attractive appearance that blends well with any style, but they are also available with room-darkening or light-filtering fabrics; our top down, bottom up feature; and remote operation. And, they can help you save money on your heating and cooling costs.]

Living Room Ideas Soft Roman Shades

Source: 3 Day Blinds, Soft Roman Shades

Ageless Beauty

Some examples of living room decor exude classic elegance that has stood the test of time. Top off their ageless charm with window treatments that are up to the task. Soft Roman Shades offer the luxury of rich textiles, with the functionality of a shade. Wood Shutters radiate warmth and grandeur. Frame Wood Blinds with sumptuous Drapery Panels for an impressive, yet equally functional window covering.

Of course, these are just a few possibilities out of thousands. Our Design Consultants will be happy to provide you with a free, in-home consultation. They’ll help you refine your ideas, show you samples so you can get a clearer picture of how your selections will look in your home, and take precise measurements so your window treatments will fit perfectly.

Curtain and Draperies

Functional Drape and Curtain Ideas | 3 Day Blinds

Functional Curtain and Draperies

Functional Drape and Curtain Ideas

When you think of Curtains and Drapes, the word “decorative” might come to mind. And, while it’s certainly true that Curtains and Drapery Panels can add extra style to any interior, they may serve many practical purposes as well.

Keep Out the Cold

Those choosing window treatments for homes in cold climates should consider pairing Cellular Shades with luxurious, floor-length Drapery Panels. This combination acts as a blanket for the home, and adds a warm coziness that just can’t be gotten from Mini Blinds.

Light and Privacy

In kitchens, an abundance of natural light is generally considered a good thing. After all, you want to be able to see what you’re cooking, and there’s nothing like eating your morning oatmeal in the sun. Café-length Curtains provide a dash of pizzazz, just enough privacy, and a great view of the morning sky.

draperies and curtains

Warmth and Elegance

The combination of Sheer Curtains and opulent, 200% fullness Drapes can make for a stately, elegant living room. The Drapes provide privacy at night and insulate the home. Sheer Curtains allow light in during the day, and protect the Drapes from the dust that might get in when the windows are open.

A Cocoon of Respite

In bedrooms, Drapes can be fitted with our room-darkening liner, which can be used to eliminate the light gap around the outside edges of other window treatments, such as Roller Shades or Honeycomb Blinds. This is also useful in media rooms, where you don’t want stray sunbeams ruining you and your family’s cinematic experience.

Just Enough Sunshine

A light-filtering liner can be added to Curtains and Drapes located in rooms that receive a little too much sun. These types of linings typically pay for themselves, as they reduce cooling costs, and protect furniture and carpet from damaging UV rays.

We’re Here to Help

At 3 Day Blinds, we offer Curtain and Drapery Panels in just about any configuration you can think of. Whether you want to convey the regal opulence of a Victorian mansion, the clean simplicity of modern minimalism, or the homespun comfort of a country cottage, we’ve got you covered.

And, if you’re having trouble deciding on the perfect window treatments for you home, help is close at hand. We at 3 Day Blinds offer free, no-obligation consultations with our experienced Design Consultants. They can help you refine your ideas, show you interesting new options, and assist you in making an investment that you’ll be happy with for years to come.