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Home Staging Curb Appeal

Home Staging Tips| 3 Day Blinds

Check out the top 10 tips for staging your home to sell. From getting rid of clutter, to perfecting your curb appeal, these easy tips will be sure to prepare your home for the competitive real estate market.

Home Staging Clutter Free

Source: Design to Appeal

Get Rid of Clutter

Pick one room or area and evaluate items worth keeping and get rid of those that aren’t. Your home will appear larger and buyers will be able to assess your home rather than your décor preference.

Home Staging Clean

Source: Clorox


Potential buyers will inspect everything in your home, an inexpensive way to prepare your home for the market is to clean- carpets, counters and even ceilings.


stainless dishwasher

Source: Coordinately Yours

Stainless- Steel Appliances

Rather than going out and purchasing a new dishwasher, here is a low- cost way to refurbish an old. Apply a stainless- steel stick-on covering for just $20 and your old dishwasher instantly becomes a modern appliance.

Home Stage Neutral Paint

Source:Jeff Herr Home Design

Paint with Neutrals

First; remove all wallpaper, buyer’s associate wallpaper with being outdated.  Next, add a fresh coat of paint, be sure to use neutral colors which are most attractive to potential buyers.

Home Staging Curb Appeal

Source: Inspiration

Curb Appeal

Having a positive curb appeal will be sure to get buyers interested on what‘s inside. Cut back any overgrown bushes or trees, and keep your lawn and garden well groomed to give off a good first impression.

Home Stage 3 Day Blinds

Source: 3 Day Blinds

Replace Window Treatments

Potential buyers are attracted to homes with lots of natural sunlight. Upgrade to new window treatments that filter sunlight into the space. For rooms with high sun exposure, consider treatments that prevent glare or secure privacy.


Home Stage Group Furniture

Source: Hendel Homes

Grouping Furniture

Contrary to common belief, furniture should be freestanding away from walls. Grouping furniture this way makes the room appear larger and is actually more user friendly.

Home Stage Furnish Room

Source: Grandview

Don’t Leave a Room Empty

Having rooms furnished is important so that potential buyers can visualize themselves living in the home.

Home Stage DIY

Source: DIY and Show

Repurpose Your Resources

Salvage old materials and use them to create new household items. There are tons of DIY projects that can help you save money and polish off your homes look.

Home Stage Fresh Flowers

Source: Elizabeth Metcalfe Interiors & Design Inc.

Fresh Flowers

Catch interested buyer’s eyes with a vase of fresh flowers. You can also use potted flowering plants that are in season for a low-cost solution.

Sell This House Extreme

3 Day Blinds on Sell This House Extreme

Sell This House Extreme

Sell This House Extreme: 3 Day Blinds- Atlanta

For almost a decade, Sell This House Extreme has been helping homeowners sell their desperate homes, and 3 Day Blinds is proud to be a part of this process. Keith and Leigh have a small family home in Atlanta, Georgia and were forced to take out a reverse mortgage on their home in order to pay for their mother’s 24- hour care. In order to pay off their mortgage they need to sell their home fast, but buyers aren’t interested in their home that hasn’t been updated for over 50 years. Thankfully, the Sell This House Extreme cast is up for the job and has big plans to bring this dated home into the 21st century.

Sell This House Extreme Kitchen BeforeSell This House Extreme: Kitchen- Before

This kitchen appears to have had an installation mishap, instead of a dishwasher a washing machine was installed! Unfortunately, this is no mistake, Keith and Leigh’s home had no place for a washer and dryer so the washer ended up in the kitchen and the dryer was a permanent fixture in Leigh’s room. That is not the only thing wrong with this kitchen, it is so small and outdated no one would want to buy a house with a kitchen in this state. Not to mention the unattractive bright orange window treatments yellow daisies, yuck.

Sell This House Extreme kitchen after

Sell This House Extreme KitchenSell This House Extreme: Kitchen- After

Designer Daniel Kucan’s inspiration for this home was to keep its quaint charm without looking old fashion. The renovated kitchen definitely achieves a charming look, the all-white counter tops and cabinets, paired with the dark blue tiled wall looks amazing. To complement the freshly painted, muted green walls, 3 Day Blinds has provided a Soft Roman Shade in Jasmine Palm. While you can no longer wash your clothes in the same room you cook dinner in, this kitchen has been completely transformed into a functional and attractive space.

Sell This House Extreme Dining Room BeforeSell This House Extreme: Dining Room- Before

You are probably thinking- wait this isn’t a dining room. Well, you are correct, this was Leigh’s bedroom when she was young, complete with a dryer.  Designer Daniel Kucan instructed builder Charlie Frattini demolish the wall between the kitchen and Leigh’s old bed room, to create a fluid kitchen and dining room.

Sell This House Extreme After- Dining roomSell This House Extreme: Dining Room- After

Daniel’s open floor plan includes French doors that bring natural sun light into this home and opens the space up. With the addition of newly tiled floors, fresh paint on the walls, and a few new chairs this room looks phenomenal.

Sell This House Extreme BeforeSell This House Extreme: Living Room- Before

After walking into this room one potential buyer stated, they “felt like they were in jail in this room.”  Another buyer followed that comment up saying they, “feel like this house should be haunted.” Yikes, Keith and Leigh are not giving buyers the right first impression when they enter their home.

Sell This House Extreme Living Room After

Sell This House Extreme 3  Day Blinds

Sell This House Extreme: Living Room- After 

Designer Daniel Kucan chose to go with light yellow walls to create a warm and cheery look in this room. 3 Day Blinds, Woven Wood Shades in Nassau Nutmeg were selected because they play up the rich wood tones of the floor. Complementing these shades are Marquee Stripe- Linen, custom 3 Day Blinds Draperies.  Buyers originally complained the house felt old fashion the moment you opened the door, they hated the featureless depressing white wall and old- lady furniture in the living room. To make this room charming without being old fashion, Daniel purchased some classic style furniture mixing it in with modern items.

Originally, host Tanya Memme had appraised Keith and Leigh’s home to be 50,000$ less than their asking price of $250,000 but with the hard work of the Sell This House Extreme team this Atlanta home is now worth at least  $240,000.

Be sure to tune in and watch 3 Day Blinds on an all new episode of Sell This House Extreme, in Tucker, Georgia on this Saturday, May 18th 10a/9C.

Facebook Window Infographic

How Window Treatments Save Money on Utility Bills

Free Infographic: Save Money on Utilities with Window Treatments

Home owners across America were shocked at how much money they can save on their monthly utility bills simply by having the right window treatments in their homes. Many of these window treatments will pay for themselves in a as little as two years. Feel free to use this infographic on your site or blog by following the instructions below.  Or share on Facebook by clicking the button in the header.

How Window Treatments save money on Utility Bills

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organize jewelry

Tips to Organizing Your Bedroom

Tips to Organizing Your Bedroom:

If you are a person, (which I know none of you are)… who walks into their bedroom and becomes instantly stressed out at the sight of: shoes sprawled across the floor, dishes on every table top, and forget about the bed because it is completely covered in clothes! This blog post is dedicated to you, and will educate you on quick, and easy tips to help keep your bedroom organized.

Organize Your Closet

Source: (Closet): Spearmint Baby (Swatches): 3 Day Blinds

Organize Your Clothes

Step one, is to take the doors off your closet. Yes, that is correct remove the doors. I empathize with your hesitance and complete confusion as to why one would do this, but from experience this works! Taking off closet doors prompts you to keep your closet organized. No more shoving clothes into your closet and shutting the door, now the empty hangers will be literally staring at you. If no doors is too drastic for you, add drapes on the sides of the closet. This will warm up your rooms look too. While this image is of a baby’s room, the concept is still the same for any room. Above are three of my favorite 3 Day Blind’s Drapery fabrics-Andes Cement,Savannah PaprikaMadagascar River, would make amazing closet curtains.

organize jewelry

Source: Obaz

Organize Jewelry

Over the years, I have tried many, many different ways to store my jewelry. I’ve used the hanging rack with pockets for jewelry pieces that can be stored in your closet, I’ve used a traditional jewelry box and used a jewelry drawer sorter. The problem with all of these was that I would forget what jewelry I had because I it wasn’t ever visible. To be honest, I would see these cool, tree- like jewelry stands and always admired their look but questioned if they were functional. I imagined myself knocking the fixture over, or items slipping off and getting lost. Turns out that is not the case at all, the likeliness of knocking it over is about as likely as knocker over a lamp, and I haven’t ever had an issue with items falling off. The best part about this jewelry stand is that I can see all my jewelry, so I actually wear all of my pieces!

Organize Boots

Source: The Container Store

Organize and Store Boots

Similar to my jewelry storage issue, I have struggled in the past with storing my boots. Boots are one of those long-term investment items that you typically do not get rid of each season, as a result you end up with a collection. The most effective solution I found for storing boots is on these thin metal hangers, actually any type of pants hanger can work. This allows for easy access to the boots and doesn’t take up too much space. To keep the shape of the boots I recommend rolling up magazines and stuffing it inside the boot shaft, it’s easy and practically free.

Organize Bedroom Storage

Source: Me and Alice

Organize with Storage Bins Under Bed

Everyone has those items where you just simply do not know where to store them, blankets, extra sheets, bulky sweatshirts, etc. A great place to store these items is in bins underneath your bed. What I love about these storage bins is that they aren’t your typical plastic container bins, but adorable wicker baskets that you would want to be visible.

Organize Wall Storage

Source: Miss Moss

Organize Wall Storage:

If you’re really tight for space and need additional storage, install a top shelf and line a rack of hooks underneath.  Allotting yourself one shelf for storage items such as books or trinkets forces you to keep only those items you really want or need. Installing hooks like these is a great idea because it designates a place for every day clothing items that tend to get tossed on the floor or bed.

Being organized is not a state its a process. It takes a little effort on your part, but implementing these helpful tips in your bedroom will have you well on your way to living a stress free and organized lifestyle.

Homemaking Mother's Day

Tips My Mother Taught Me About Homemaking

Homemaking Mother's Day

Source: Pinterest


Mothers are the heart and soul of the home, and in honor of Mother’s Day, here are 5 tips homemaking tips my mother taught me.

Mother's Day Garden


My mother always said that no home is complete without a garden. To this day people walking by my house will stop to smell the roses and complement her on the beautiful garden that sits out front of our home. As my siblings and I grew older, and one by one, we moved out from our home, we noticed my mother’s garden expanded. A large portion of my backyard, where a swing- set used to reside, has now been transformed into a giant fruit and vegetable garden. For many gardening is a therapeutic activity, but for my mother it has an even deeper meaning, “my garden reminds me of you kids- you feed them, you watch them grow, and you love them.”

Mother's Day Kitchen

Source: Carla Aston

White Kitchen

While most people stray away from designing a completely white kitchen, in fear of every spill and crumbs being visible, my mother adores them. She claims, “there is something so beautiful about a white, pristine kitchen.” As a person that is notorious for spilling, you can imagine my mother wasn’t thrilled with me when it came to keeping the kitchen clean. Anyone that steps foot in my mom’s kitchen knows not to brush their clothes up against the counter tops or cabinets because there’s a pretty good chance your clothes will be ruined from bleach. That said, I do have to admit, I love the look of an all-white kitchen, and I’d like to think it corrected my bad habit of spilling.

Mother's Day Picture Frame

Source: Lona de Anna

Decorate with Photos

 One Christmas my mother only asked for one thing, ten black picture frames. It was encouraged for them to be all different sizes and styles. My siblings and I were confused to say the least, yet relieved that we knew exactly what to get her. Shortly after the holidays, a once bare wall was filled with eclectic photos of my family members taken through the years. My mother stated, “having photos of your family in your home is essential because as kids come and go over the years, the photographs are a constant reminder that you are always together.”

Mother's Day Living Room

Source: Between the Box

Keep Electronics in One Room

With the new advances in technology, it is incredibly difficult to separate yourself from your laptop, cell phone or television. Growing up this was never an issue in my home because my mother made a rule that all electronics stayed in the family room. This ment no cellphones at the dinner table, and certainly, no TV was allowed in the bedrooms. Call my mother old fashion, but looking back I appreciate this rule. As my siblings and I got older, and our lives got busier, it’s easy to lose touch. The time we spent as a family at the dinner table sharing stories about our day at school and soccer practice is something I look back and truly cherish now.

Cellular Shades

Updated Window Treatments

 Inevitably, my mother has passed down her obsession with window treatments in the home. It dawned on me when I was in college and on the hunt for a new apartment with my roommates. Nearly every place we walked into, my eyes darted to windows and I immediately was turned off by the broken and disheveled blinds. The aesthetics of the window treatments aren’t the only contributors to our obsession, the amount of light they let in is equally as important. My mother swears by light filtering Cellular Shades or Horizontal Sheer Shades. “They provide the right amount of privacy without sacrificing the natural flow of sunlight into a room.” While some might find our obsession with window treatments odd, we like to think there are many women out there who share our appreciation for quality blinds and shades.

These are just a few homemaking tips my mother instilled in me over the years. On behalf of 3 Day Blind’s, we wish all moms a very happy Mother’s Day!