Energy-Efficent Cellular Shades

Best Energy-Saving Window Treatments | 3 Day Blinds

Best Energy-Saving Window Treatments You might think finding energy-saving window treatments that are still attractive decor elements is a difficult task. Actually, there a variety of energy-saving window treatment options that will look fantastic in any home and are extremely functional. 3 Day Blinds offers the best of both worlds with high-quality custom window treatments that are energy-efficient. Selecting the right options … MORE

DIY Window Pane Seat Chart

DIY Windows | 3 Day Blinds

Check out the 5 best ways to repurpose every element of your window and create fantastic home decor pieces. Don’t forget to cover your new windows with 3 Day Blinds new selection of Roller Shade fabrics. MORE

3 Day Blinds | Sell This House Extreme

The 3 Day Blinds and Sell This House: Extreme team head to Tucker, Georgia to help Joy and James and sell their house. With four growing children, Joy and James are desperate to sell their house and move on to a larger and more suitable space. Sell This House Extreme: Kitchen- Before There is nothing groovy about this 1970′s kitchen. Outdated … MORE


Blinds and Shades

Blinds vs. Shades Experienced designers know that the right window treatment can really complete a design aesthetic, but the wrong one can do the opposite. Because of this, selecting the proper window treatment is a big part of decorating your new home, or updating your existing one. If you’re a first-timer when it comes to choosing window treatments, you might … MORE

Spring Decorating Shutters

Home Decorating Ideas

Bring your home décor back to life with these spring-inspired home decorating ideas for your kitchen, bathroom, and more from 3 Day Blinds. MORE