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Roman Shades

New Roman Shade Fabrics | 3 Day Blinds

Roman Shades

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Gray Home Decor  | New Roman Shades

Do you love a neutral color palette? Try decorating with the newest trend, a gray color scheme. Bring modern elegance into your home by decorating with slates, silvers, cool grays. Grays are often used as a color for sophistication and formality and will capture a cool, contemporary look in any space.

3 Day Blinds is excited to present new Roman Shade fabrics, with an extensive line of gray fabric options. Roman shades elevate a rooms sense of style and when used in gray tones they add a chic and modern look to your room. Check out how amazing a gray inspired living room looks with Roman Shades in Merida Granite.

Whether you chose to decorate with gray accents or go monochromatic with a complete gray palette, your space is sure to look fabulous. The new 3 Day Blinds Roman Shade fabrics varying in gray tones, can help you achieve this textured, sophisticated and soothing look in any room.

horizontal sheer shades

Be Smart and Safe With Motorized Shades | 3 Day Blinds

horizontal sheer shades

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Be Smart and Safe With Motorized Shades

When you are shopping for new window treatments, you might wonder about the benefits of motorized shades. After all, you have been operating blinds with wands and window cords for years. Why would you need them motorized?

Ease of Use

As it turns out, there are many benefits to having motorized window treatments, but the most obvious of these is convenience. With motorized shades, you can open your shades with a remote control, which comes in handy in a number of ways.

Light levels in the home can be quickly adjusted with the touch of a button. So if you are in a hurry but would really like a little more shade, you don’t have to go around and adjust all of your blinds individually.

Motorized shades are also a great choice for the hard-to-reach windows often found in larger homes and businesses. Instead of having to get up on a ladder to adjust them throughout the day, or just being resigned to always having them closed, simply push the button, and voila!

Roller Shades

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Set and Forget

Motorized window treatments can be programmed to open and close at certain times. This allows them to automatically open to let in sunlight during the day, and close to keep the house warm at night, or vice-versa when the weather is hot. The cost of the energy used by the shades pales in comparison to the money they can help you save on heating and cooling bills.

The Safety Factor

Convenience aside, motorized blinds also have safety benefits. Window cords can pose a hazard for children and pets. Motorized blinds eliminate these cords, making them an ideal choice for households with children.

3 Day Blinds offers motorized options for many of our products, including our energy efficient Honeycomb Shades, our stylish and low-maintenance Roller Shades, and our subtle but sublime Horizontal Sheer Shades.

Cellular Shades

Types of Blinds We Offer | 3 Day Blinds

Types of Blinds We Offer

With all of the varieties, styles and colors of blinds available, it’s no wonder they are such a popular window treatment. At home in just about any type of décor, our blinds are stylish, durable and functional. 3 Day Blinds offers top-quality custom blinds that will fit correctly, stand the test of time, and look great once installed in your home.

We understand that having so many great options to choose from can be a little overwhelming. That’s why we offer our clients a free, in-home consultation. One of our Design Consultants will come to you, and help you choose the best options for your home. Not only that, but they will also take precise measurements. When you call 3 Day Blinds, you can rest assured that your new blinds will fit perfectly, in every way.

Wood Blinds

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Wood Blinds

Wood Blinds boast of an ageless style that remains relevant, regardless of passing trends. Wood blinds are a great choice for rooms with hardwood floors and natural wood furniture, but they can easily blend with a wide range of design aesthetics.

Our Wood Blinds have 2 or 2 ½” slats, and are constructed of American Basswood, or hardwood. They can be ordered with stained, painted, or natural finishes. Or, if you want that special, time-tested patina, then consider a rustic or distressed finish.

Faux Wood

3 Day Blinds’ Faux Wood Blinds are a high-quality, durable window covering solution that offers the look and feel of real wood, but at a lower price point. Faux Wood Blinds are an excellent choice in areas where moisture is a concern, such as kitchens and bathrooms. You’ll appreciate their classic looks, and rest easy, knowing that they’ll last.

Vertical Blinds

There’s a lot to like about Vertical Blinds. They are easier to clean than some other window treatments, and are very durable, which makes them a wise option for homes with children. Their clean, chic lines add an extra element of style to any room.

Our Vertical Blinds are available in vinyl, sheer or fabric styles. Fabric Vertical Blinds are well suited for many different styles of décor. Sheer Verticals offer privacy, while letting in natural light. Vinyl Vertical Blinds are minimal and modern looking, and they lower energy bills, due to their insulating properties.

Mini Blinds

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Mini Blinds

The sleek styling of Mini Blinds goes well with just about anything, and we offer them in colors to complement any room. Mini Blinds also offer superior light control, especially if you select our exclusive Light-less®  option, which eliminates light leakage almost completely.

Not only are Mini Blinds great looking, long lasting, adaptable and supremely functional, but they are also a very economical choice.

Vinyl Blinds

An excellent complement to our Vinyl Verticals, our Vinyl Blinds are another budget-friendly way to dress your windows in high style. And, like our Vinyl Verticals, our long-lasting Vinyl Blinds are available in a wide palette of colors that coordinate back to our Vertical Blinds and are easy to clean.

Cellular Shades

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Cellular Blinds

Our attractive Flexcell Honeycomb Cellular Blinds come in a wide array of striking colors that pair well with any interior and make a bold statement in any room of the house.

While very stylish, they also provide superb functionality. We offer Flexcell Honeycomb Blinds with different levels of opacity to suit all of your light filtering needs. And as an added bonus, their insulating properties will help lower your utility costs.

When it comes to blinds, 3 Day Blinds has you (and your windows) covered, offering quality, and custom blinds that complete the look of any room.



3 Day Blinds | Memorial Day

Memorial Day | 3 Day Blinds

3 Day Blinds | Memorial Day

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Memorial Day | 3 Day Blinds Inspiration

With Memorial Day weekend upon us, it’s time for 3 Day Blinds to bring out the red, white and blue! I always love a burst of stars and stripes that pop up in home decor over the holiday weekend as people welcome summer with open arms. Inspired by Memorial Day, here are some 3 Day Blinds window treatment fabrics for shades, blinds, shutters and draperies that will add a patriotic flare to any room in your home.

This Memorial Day as we kick start summer with barbecues and baseball, let us pay tribute to those who have given their lives to protect and defend our freedoms. However you choose to spend your weekend, 3 Day Blinds wishes you a safe, and happy holiday as we honor our veterans this Memorial Day.


Window Treatment

Choosing the Right Window Treatment | 3 Day Blinds

Window Treatment

Choosing the Right Window Treatment

Should you go with Wood Blinds or Cellular Blinds? Roller Shades or Woven Wood? What about Curtains or Drapery Panels? With so many window treatment choices available, it can be extremely difficult to narrow it down to just one or two.

So what factors should be considered when choosing window coverings for your home? How will you know when you’re making the right choice?

Window Treatment Functionality

Determining the specific qualities needed for each window will go a long way toward narrowing down your choices for window coverings. Remember, you don’t have to choose the same type of window coverings for the whole house. In fact, it is often better not to.

Large windows with picturesque views to the outside world would likely benefit from window treatments that make the most of the view, and allow for plenty of natural light.

Vertical Blinds and Horizontal Blinds with wide slats maximize view space, and create a dramatic focal point that will further enrich the natural appeal of scenic views. Then, you can pair Drapery Panels and Decorative Hardware with these window treatments to frame the window like a work of fine art.

Windows in rooms where privacy is a concern, such as bathrooms and bedrooms, should have window treatments that create seclusion, while allowing light control at the same time. Cellular Shades with our Top Down/ Bottom Up feature are ideal in this respect, as they provide both privacy and natural light.

In media rooms where screen glare is often a problem, and in the bedrooms of those who enjoy sleeping in late each morning, room-darkening window treatments are a must. We offer room-darkening options on many of our products, such as Honeycomb Shades and Roller Shades.

In households with small children or pets, cordless window coverings are strongly recommended. Window cords can pose a serious safety risk to kids, and to animals, which may become entangled in them.

Window treatments used in rooms where humidity and temperature vary frequently, such as kitchens, laundry rooms, and bathrooms, should be able to weather these conditions in style. Faux Wood Blinds and Vinyl Blinds are often ideal choices, due to their durability and easy cleaning.

Window Treatment Style

While practical concerns should certainly be high on the list of considerations when choosing window treatments, so should aesthetics. After all, choosing the right window treatments can make or break a home’s decor.

If you’re going for a charming, rustic look, then Wood Blinds and Plantation Shutters are hard to beat. The richness and warmth of real wood adds a stately coziness to any interior.

If modern minimalism is more your design style, Mini Blinds and Vertical Blinds might be just the thing. Their clean, architectural lines are often a perfect match for mid-century and ultra-modern interiors.

To add a sensual softness and opulence to a room, consider the regal elegance of Drapery Panels. They can be utilized on their own, or paired with other window treatments for the ultimate in light control and insulation.

Not just for tiki bars anymore, Woven Wood shades are making serious inroads as a favorite window treatment among interior design cognoscenti. They are a great way to add organic textures to modern interiors, and they have a laid-back elegance all their own.

Two Heads Are Better Than One

If you’re struggling with choosing window treatments, don’t worry. We at 3 Day Blinds know that choosing the right window treatment is important to you. That’s why we offer free consultations with our professional Design Consultants. Make an appointment – you’ll be glad that you did.