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Sell This House Extreme

promoIt’s Spring time and you know what that means, out with the old, in with the new.  A&E’s hit series Sell This House Extreme takes this saying to a completely new level.  A few lucky homeowners who are desperately trying to sell their homes get to sit back and watch host Tanya Memme, construction expert Charlie Frattini and designer Daniel Kucan work their magic in transforming their difficult spaces.

Tune into the premier of this seasons Sell This House Extreme, Saturday, April 20, 2013 at 10a/9C on A&E. You don’t want to miss out on these amazing transformations and the latest home decor trends and styles.

3 Day Blinds Widow Treatment

Pick Your Favorite 3DB Look

Horizontal Sheer Shades

Fresh and Bright: These horizontal sheer shades pair perfectly with Water Lily drapes, bringing a burst of sunshine into the neutral living room. Pale yellow is an amazing accent color to grays, beiges and whites. This subtle pop of color gives this living room a warm, tranquil and inviting feel.

Wood Blinds

Traditional with Modern Flare: Wood blinds are considered the most classic window covering- showing both style and good taste. The drapery panels complement  these blinds because of the traditional fabric print. While these window treatments are considered traditional pieces, what gives this room a modern flare is the color scheme. The black wood blinds combined with the sleek black and white patterned draperies is unique because, it puts a modern twist on more traditional and timeless pieces.


Sophisticated and Chic: Believe it or not, your window fixtures can actually be the focal point of your rooms décor. With a simple geometric, pattern these Soft Roman Shades achieve a chic and sophisticated look.



Less is More:  Does a more minimal style appeal to your design preference? Well, adorning these windows are Horizontal Sheer Shades. Both functional and stylish these shades offer a subtle design statement with light filtering or room darkening capability.

3 Day Blinds Widow Treatment

One living room with four fabulous looks. Which style do you desire for your home?

Craft center

Houzz- Organizing Tips for Kids in the Home

No one wants to step into a room where it looks like the kids have run amuck- kid’s toys, art supplies and clothes swept up in a tornado that made its way through every room in the house. Before having kids of your own, you probably thought- yikes, that will never be my home. Whether or not your home is monopolized by your kids’ stuff or will be someday, check out these décor tricks that help keep your home organized and kid friendly simultaneously.

Photograph from Houzz: The Stow Company

Photograph from Houzz: The Stow Company

1. Open Closets: Closets with doors or drapes make it easy to hide or stash clutter. Closets without doors allow you to see everything inside prompting kids to keep things orderly.-

Photograph by: Cornerston Architects

Photograph by: Cornerston Architects

2. Chalk Board: Tired of your kids taking crayons to the walls?  Embrace it with chalk board paint, let your young artists doodle away. –

Kids Nook

Photograph by Soorikian Architecture

3. Kids Nook: Having a designated space in home for kids to put up art work and store their toys helps you avoid cluttering. This space is the perfect spot for kids to relax and recharge. –

Craft center

Photograph by: The Vintage Glitter House

  4. Craft Workshop- Who knew soring crafts could be this organized and easy! This is the perfect environment for kids to artistically express themselves. –

Photograph by: Cinnamon Post

Photograph by: Cinnamon Post

    5. Keeping Kids Laundry Organized: Designate a laundry basket to each kid will help keep their clothes separated and organized.  This also is a great way to teach kids to put away their clothes, fill their basket with cleaned clothes and let them do the rest.

Hopefully these tips inspired you to keep kids clutter organized in your home. For more home decor ideas and tips check out our Houzz page at .


Emerging Emerald


Photograph by Summertime Entertainment

Going green has never been more in style and I don’t just mean environmentally. Pantone recently announced emerald (Pantone 17-5641) as the 2013 color of the year and we love how it looks at home.  Are you hesitant to decorate with emerald and risk turning your home into the City of Oz? Well we’ve got you covered. Simply, follow these 5 tips on how to decorate using the 2013’s color of the year to create a sophisticated yet fun and lively look in your home.

Emerald Bathroom

Photograph by Casey Dunn

Keep It Simple: Emerald walls are a bold statement on their own, so don’t crowd them with a bunch of picture frames, shelving, and other wall décor. Keeping walls bare, with few fixtures will create a chic and polished look.  This room is simple but the wall color is so engaging you forget that it is actually a bathroom.

Emerald Chairs

Photograph by Jentatertots

Add On: If painting an emerald wall is too bold for your taste yet you love this color and want to use it in your space, try adding it as an accent color.  In this neutral dining room, the emerald chairs are the perfect pop of color. They add a touch of luxury and elegance too.

Emerald Living Room

Photograph by Sveinung Bråthen

Complement It: Don’t be afraid to add a few accent colors to your emerald space.  Complimentary colors of emerald are greys, whites, black, muted yellows and golds. This living room shows how to mix in a couple complimentary colors that add an eclectic flare.

Emerald Accessories

Photograph by Tisha Clapp

Accessorize: Inspired by this year’s color yet not ready to make major décor changes? Then simply add a few emerald pieces to your space. Think pillows, a vase, or a lamp or two. It may be just that pop of color you desire.

3 Day Blinds

Blind Ambition: This family room by Atlanta Interior Designer Cristi Holcombe, uses emerald lamps and throw pillows to give this room a chic and sophisticated look. Which one of these window treatments would you use to polish this room off?

  1. Curtain & Drapery Panels- Savannah Lemon
  2. Cellular Shades- Softlight TrippleCell Stone
  3. Woven Wood Shades- Cape Cod Alpine White
Home Office

Make Your Home Office Multifunctional

Home Office

This blog post is dedicated to the 13.4 million people working from home, a number that has soared 41% over the past decade. That doesn’t mean you necessarily have a room designated as a home office or work area. That’s why this work space is so inspiring, it not only transforms a small corner of a home into a motivating work environment, but it’s multifunctional.

With tons of desk and storage space, any professional can work productively in this environment and the best part is, it’s completely kid friendly. Store kid’s craft supplies and other home items in drawers below the desktop and use the upper shelving to house anything work related.  Even with all the functional elements of this space it achieves a homey feel with all the personal touches, like the framed photos, pinboard and other wall fixtures.

While everyone loves the idea of having natural sunlight stream into their work space it can be extremely frustrating when it creates a glare on your computer screen.  For this space I suggest adding Woven Wood Shades-Morocco Spice, to control the flow of sunlight into your work space making it a functional yet comfortable work environment. Tell us how you make your work space functional at home.