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Sell This House Extreme Living Room After

All New- 3 Day Blinds on Sell This House Extreme

Did you miss watching the all new Sell This House: Extreme episode last Saturday, April 27th? Check out a recap below with amazing before and after photos of a home that receives a much needed makeover.

Just one year ago homeowners, Danny and Angela purchased their home with big plans to  fix up their humble abode in Des Moines, Washington.  Over the past year the couple began renovations and started to make modern updates to their 1963 styled home. Unfortunately, plans were halted when Danny lost his job. After several months of job hunting, Danny landed a position in California. To make this move Danny and Angela were faced with a huge dilemma, they needed to sell their home for at least $250,000. The couple’s dated looking home was desperate for Designer Daniel Kucan, Builder Charlie Frattini and Host Tanya Memme’s expertise.

Sell This House Extreme entryway

 Sell This House Extreme Entryway- Before

First impressions are really important, especially when entering a home and this entry ways is not leaving a positive one. After stepping foot into this space interested home buyers were immediately turned off by this spaces outdated look. One interested buyer commented “this is absolutely terrible, there are no moldings!” Danny and Angela were in trouble, this is not the impression they wanted to leave with potential buyers.

Sell This House Extreme entryway after

 Sell This House Extreme Entryway- After

This remodeled entry way look phenomenal  Designer Daniel Kucan wanted to make a powerful first impression so he decided to tile this massive wall with natural stones. This textured wall complements the rich earth tones that are prominent through out the house.

Sell This House Extreme living room

Sell This House Extreme Living Room- Before

Looking at this room only two things come to minds, brown and old. The wood paneling on the walls, dated brick fireplace and enormous brown couch gives the impression of 70’s inspired room gone wrong. This rooms over use of neutrals makes this space seem a lot darker and smaller than it actually is. It was time to get the Sell This House Extreme experts in here to brighten this place up and add some modern touches.

Sell This House Extreme Living Room After

Sell This House Extreme Living Room –After

This room is great because it still keeps the earth tone feel but uses multiple rich tones other than just brown to achieve it. The fireplace echos the wall tile from the entry ways creating a unified look. 3 Day Blinds window treatments are the perfect eco-friendly complements to this rooms natural theme. Shona Topaz Draperies paired with St. Martin Oak Woven Wood Shades adds texture and brings a touch of the outdoors inside.

Sell This House Extreme Bathroom before

Sell This House Extreme Bathroom- Before

This bathroom is not only functionally old and inefficient, it’s just plain ugly. The tacky looking floor tile, powder blue walls and old wooden door to the toilet are terrible combinations.

Sell This House Extreme bathroom After

Sell This House Extreme Bathroom- After

Designer, Daniel Kucan went tile crazy in this bathroom, creating a clean and modern look. Using tiles of different sizes and colors creates texture and adds more dimension to this space. Staying consistent with the overall natural color scheme of the house, Daniel decided to polish this rooms look off with 3 Day Blinds St. Martin Oak Woven Wood Shade.

Sell This House Extreme Kitchen Before

Sell This House Extreme Kitchen- Before

The biggest eyesore of this whole project is probably the kitchen. At first glace this kitchen isn’t that terrible but if you look closer you will see there is carpet on the floor. Yuck! Angela  said “there’s nothing that we like about this room, it’s not livable, it’s not clean, all and all it’s disgusting”. Unfortunately, she’s right, and interested buyers are thinking the same thing.

Sell This House Extreme Kitchen After

Sell This House Extreme Kitchen- After

Bye, bye carpet… hello tile! Designer Daniel Kucan, decided to continue the tile throughout the kitchen.  Large, light horizontal tiles really open up this room and are a nice complement to the rich wood cabinets. Keeping the natural theme going, another 3 Day Blinds St. Martin Oak Woven Wood Shade was selected for the large window above the sink.

Sell This House Extreme:Dining Room Before


Sell This House Extreme Dining Room- Before

This dining room needed some major updates. This room has a beautiful mahogany table but you can’t even tell because of the dated light fixture, old window treatments on the sliding door and bay window converted to a green house.

Sell This House Extreme Dining Room- After


Sell This House Extreme Dining Room After

This dining room received some major updates. Remember that bay window full of plants? Well Designer Daniel Kucan, found it to be a complete waste of space and “looking like growth of some sort from the exterior of the home,”  and with builder Charlie Frattinis help they were able to convert it to a regular window. A modern light fixture, new rug and  window treatments and the room looks sharp yet warm and inviting. To get this look in your own home check out St. Martin Oak Woven Wood Shades and Brooklyn Earth Draperies. 

Danny and Angela couldn’t have been happier with the results, and were even more thrilled that Host Tanya Memme appraised their house for 260,000$, which is over their original asking price.  Hopefully this means Danny and Angela can finally move their family out to California and begin their new life.

Be sure to tune in and watch 3 Day Blinds on the next episode of Sell This House Extreme, in Redondo Beach this Saturday, May 4 at 10a/9C.

Wood Blinds

Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Wood Blinds

Bedroom Decorating Ideas on a Budget

Most people spend nearly a third of their lives sleeping. When you factor in reading in bed, watching movies in your pajamas, and romantic evenings with that special someone, it all adds up to the fact that most of us spend an awful lot of time in our bedrooms.

Spend that much time anywhere, and it’s bound to have an effect on you. So, creating a bedroom that is worth spending time in is a worthy undertaking.

As worthwhile as redecorating a bedroom is, it can also turn into a rather costly project if you’re not careful. Sometimes, splurging just isn’t in the budget, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still do a great job decorating. So, here are some ideas on bedroom window treatments for the budget-conscious.

Bedroom Window Treatments

Everyone knows that the window treatment you choose can have a huge impact on the overall look of a room. The right window covering can take a well-designed room from great to spectacular. Style is not the only criteria, though. The functionality must also be well suited to the room.

In a bedroom, privacy and light filtering are very important factors to consider when choosing a window treatment. After all, your bedroom is your refuge. It should make you feel safe from prying eyes, and you don’t want the sun waking you up before you’re ready.

What About Cut-Downs?

When searching for cost effective window treatments, you might be tempted to opt for cut-down blinds. But prefabricated, cut-down window treatments tend to have certain issues that may be problematic.

For example, without precise measurements, cut-down blinds may not fit well. This is due in part to the fact that not all windows are perfectly rectangular. Any experienced installer will tell you that some windows are wider at the top or bottom, while others are wider in the middle.

Why spend the money on ill-fitting window treatments that let unwanted light in around the edges, or don’t deliver the privacy they are supposed to offer?

Certain options are simply not available with cut-down window treatments. If you have a large window in your bedroom that requires three blinds on one headrail, you won’t find a prefabricated option.

Custom Window Treatment Options

While some custom window treatment options can be fairly costly, 3 Day Blinds offers custom window coverings that will fit the bill, and won’t put you over budget.

For example, you can have the look, privacy, and light filtering ability of natural wood blinds, without the cost. Our Faux Wood Blinds give you all of the above, while coming in at a lower price point.

Roller Shades are another elegant yet budget-friendly option. They are available in colors and patterns to coordinate with any bedroom theme, and are practical and stylish.

Bedroom Decorating Ideas to Tie it Together

Aside from window treatments, there are plenty of things you can do to make your bedroom fabulous. Repainting isn’t very expensive, and it completely changes the atmosphere of a bedroom.

Or, you can also find great furniture pieces at the local thrift shop and refinish them to make them your own, often for a fraction of the cost of purchasing new furniture. You’ll essentially be recycling at the same time.

Speaking of giving new life to old things, think of creative ways to make your existing stuff work well with your chic new room. Re-cover old lampshades in stylish new fabric, and for old chairs and pillows that are no longer working with your new color scheme, consider getting slipcovers.

Plantation Shutters

Adding Shutters Inside Your Home 3 Day Blinds

Plantation Shutters

Adding Shutters Inside Your Home

When you think about shutters, the first thing that comes to mind might be the kind meant for the exterior of one’s home. But, interior (or plantation) shutters are making a comeback among the interior design cognoscenti, and with excellent reason.

Interior shutters quickly add style and value to a home. They are often seen in restored historic buildings, as they possess a high degree of old-world-style authenticity. Not only that, but they are also extremely durable and easy to maintain, and provide excellent privacy, insulation and light-level control.

Plenty of Options for Interior Shutters

Our timeless hardwood shutters are available in richly painted, stained and rustic finishes, and our durable polymer shutters come in a variety of whites and off-whites.

The options, however, don’t end with finishes and materials. Our plantation shutters are available with 2 ½”, 3 ½”, or 4 ½” louvers, astragal or rabbeted stiles to reduce light gap, magnetic or button catches for securing your shutter panels to the window frames, and more.

Of course, we offer our shutters in many configurations, as well. Whether you’re looking for a set of café shutters for the kitchen, a bypass shutter for a sliding-glass door, or custom shapes such as arches, octagons or circles, 3 Day Blinds can customize your interior shutter solution with ease.

Plantation Shutters for Every Application

Generally, it is best to select polymer shutters for areas where moisture or messes are a potential issue, such as kitchens, children’s bedrooms, and bathrooms. They boast the appearance and texture of our hardwood shutters, and they are water resistant, non-toxic and fire-retardant, too.

The double-hung configuration is especially popular for bathrooms, as it offers both extra privacy and natural light simultaneously, as the top and bottom panels can be independently operated.

Despite the practical advantages that our polymer shutters afford, the richness of real hardwood is difficult to deny. Bedrooms, studies, dens and any other rooms that could use that extra touch of class are all ideal applications for hardwood plantation shutters.

Will Interior Shutters Work With My Décor?

Plantation shutters have been around for a very long time, and lend themselves well to a period-correct restoration of a Greek Revival or Federal-style home. However, their clean lines and ageless style make them a versatile window treatment, and a welcome design addition to nearly any home. 3 Day Blinds plantation shutters complement any style of interior, from art deco, to mid century, to ultra modern.


Sell This House: Extreme living room after

3 Day Blinds on Sell This House: Extreme


Last Saturday, April 20th was the premier of this seasons, Sell This House: Extreme and 3 Day Blinds was a huge part of this amazing renovation in Seattle, Washington.

Zane and Claire’s two bedroom, two bathroom bungalow home can hardly contain the growing family of four. With a son and daughter sharing one small bedroom, the family is more than ready to move on to bigger and better, but to do that their home needed a serious makeover. The goal of this project was to increase this homes value and asking price in just 5 days. Check out before and after photos below as I tour you through this homes massive transformation.

Sell This House Extreme BeforeSell This House: Extreme Kitchen- Before

Pictured above is the original kitchen that Zane and Claire dreaded cooking dinner in… clutter, clutter, clutter. Before the renovations, hidden cameras were planted in the home to capture the reactions of interested buyers as they navigate through the house. After entering the kitchen, one interested buyer noted the, “counter tops are horrible, I don’t think I want to take on this much work.” Another was so repulsed by the kitchens state she said, “it’s just filth, I don’t want to touch anything.” Zane and Claire knew their home needed work but finding out just how much was a bit of a shock.

Sell This House: Extreme afterSell This House: Extreme Kitchen- After

You’re probably thinking, is that the same kitchen? Amazingly, it is. Construction expert Charlie Frattini lead the team in resurfacing cabinets, revamping the floor, and adding all new counter tops. Check out that fabulous window above the sink- dressed with a 3 Day Blinds Woven Wood Shade, with black edge binding. This shade is the perfect complement to polish off this black and white themed kitchen.

Sell This House Extreme- livingroom Sell This House: Extreme Living Room- Before

The space pictured above is what Claire and Zane described as their- “living room, dining room, coat closet, and play area”. Hidden cameras caught an interested buyer asking her friend, “how do people have such ugly things”. Clearly this “living room” needed a drastic makeover. Perhaps, the place to start would be with consolidating light fixtures that were installed just a few feet apart…

Sell This House: Extreme living room afterSell This House: Extreme Living Room- After

It’s hard to imagine that this is even the same living room. Designer Daniel Kucan, transformed a once dark and claustrophobic space, into a bright, casual TV area. This room received new floors and soft blue Matrix Riviera curtains from 3 Day Blinds. Colorful accessories like the red pillows were made from 3 Day Blinds fabric, giving this room a bright and open feel.

Sell This House Extreme Bed Room BeforeSell This House: Extreme Bed Room- Before

When interested buyers set foot in this room, hidden cameras caught them saying “oh my gosh, I really hope this isn’t the master bed room”. Well, unfortunately it is. To make make matters worse, this room had carpet with vomit stained into it from Zane and Claire’s children. The Sell This House: Extreme team didn’t see vomit stains becoming fashionable decor anytime soon, so they got to tackling this desperate bed room.

Sell This House Extreme Bed Room After

Sell This House: Extreme Bed Room- After

At last, this room actually looks like a master bed room. Designer Daniel Kucan and host Tanya Memme, combined forces and transformed this once dark and dysfunctional space into a bright and open master bed room.

With the help of 3 Day Blinds Design Consultant Jennifer Yun, Daniel drew inspiration for this space from the custom 3 Day Blinds window treatments and fabrics.During the renovation Daniel proclaimed “these window treatments that we are getting from 3 Day Blinds are really nice, and really custom so, we are going to start with that and pull the colors out of there, and carry it through the entire space.” The soft blue on the walls was pulled from the duvet cover Tanya made and the pillows complement the spice orange of the curtains. All made out of 3 Day Blinds fabrics!

Jennifer Yun and Cast

Needless to say, Claire and Zane where overwhelmed with joy when all the renovations were completed. This house is finally a marketable property that homeowners would desire. These renovations wouldn’t have been possible without the amazing cast from Sell This House: Extreme and highly experienced 3 Day Blinds Design Consultants and Installers. Don’t forget to tune in this Saturday, April 27 at 10a/9C to see how these experts tackle the next home desperate for a makeover.


installation tips

Hanging Blinds 101 | 3 Day Blinds

installation tips

Hanging Blinds 101

Blinds are a very popular window treatment, and justifiably so: they are durable and stylish, they allow you to control natural light levels inside your home, and they make maintaining your privacy an easy task.

But, blinds that are incorrectly measured or poorly installed do not work nearly as well. Think about it: how can you really control the light levels in your home if there is a huge gap on the outside edge of your blinds? How can your blinds protect your privacy if they don’t fully cover your windows?

Accurately Measuring Your Windows for Blinds

What’s so complicated about measuring windows for blinds, after all? Well, they might appear to be perfectly square or rectangular, but in reality, many are not. Some windows are wider at the bottom than the top, or vice-versa, while others are wider in the middle. The header or sill might be bowed, or out of level.

If you want to make sure you get the most out of your new blinds, accurate measurements and correct installation are a must. That’s why at 3 Day Blinds we offer and recommend professional installation for all of your window treatments.

However, we know that some of you take pride in being do-it-yourselfers around the home, and we want to make sure you get maximum satisfaction from our products, whether you have us install them, or you do it on your own.

Hanging Blinds 101: What You Will Need

In order to install your new blinds, you’ll need a steel tape measure, a level, flathead and Phillips screwdrivers, a pencil, a power drill, and the correct drill bits. You may also want to use an awl for starting screw holes, but you can start them with a small drill bit just as easily.

Your 3 Day Blinds order will ship with all of the hardware necessary for a standard installation, but if you’re attaching your blinds to stone, tile, or brick, you’ll need specialized drill bits and plugs. For plaster and wall board installations, you’ll want to pick up some expansion or toggle bolts, in order to ensure a secure hold. Last, if you’re mounting your blinds to a wood surface, then don’t forget to pre-drill the holes, or you’ll run the risk of splitting the wood.

Inside or Outside Mount?

Once you’ve gathered your tools and acquainted yourself with the hardware, you’ll need to decide whether to do an inside or an outside mount.

Mounting the blinds inside the window frame is generally preferable, as doing so offers a cleaner look, and protects the blinds from damage. However, an outside mount may be necessary if there is inadequate depth for an inside mount, or if there are obstructions (such as window cranks) that would interfere with the operation of the blinds.

Installing Brackets

The next step is to install the brackets that your new blinds will attach to. For inside mounts, a bracket must be mounted in each upper corner of the window, and care must be taken to ensure that the proper clearances are observed. The front of the bracket should extend slightly beyond the front of the window casing, and the back of the bracket must be no farther than 1 ¾” back from the window casing’s outside edge.

Installing Blinds

Once the brackets have been installed, the blinds can be mounted to them. First, hang the front lip of the headrail onto the mounting bracket hook, with the headrail positioned between the teeth on the front of the mounting bracket. Then, simply push and rotate the headrail back onto the rear of the mounting bracket. Next, gently pull the headrail toward you, until it settles into the bracket.


If you have additional questions, visit our Tips and Tools section for information on blinds installation and more.