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Roller Shades

In search of Blackout Shades?

Day sleepers, privacy seekers and media room advocates, all share the mission of finding the perfect blackout shade. Tired of attempting to nap with a pillow over your head to shield away the streaming sunlight? Have your neighbors told you one to many times that they can see your silhouette while you change in your bedroom? Fed up with taping trash bags over your windows so you can enjoy your favorite scary movie? If you answer yes to any of the following questions, you are in the market for blackout shades.

At 3 Day Blinds we refer to these shades as room darkening shades- doesn’t that a less dark and spooky ring to it? Regardless of name, we understand that light control is a feature that many people are looking for when selecting window treatments for their home. That’s why 3 Day Blinds offers an extensive line of products with an array of light control capabilities.

 Room Darkening Shades/ Blackout Shades 101

cellular shade blackout shade

Dear Day Sleeper,

Rest assured, you an finally lie down on your bed and sleep peacefully- in the dark. Why? Because you have selected the Cellular Shade with room darkening fabric! This shade will soften direct sunlight and block a draft creating the perfect sleep environment.

       Woven Woods and drapes

Dear Privacy Seeker,

You can stop ducking under the windowsill when you are changing in your bedroom, you have the layered look- Woven Woods and Draperies. This combination of window treatments is perfect for you because it has room darkening capabilities but also allows for some sunlight to filter in when you have the curtains drawn.                                     

Roller ShadesDear Media Room Advocate,

Massive television, check. Surround sound, check. Lighting perfection… check! One of the most important elements to perfecting your media room is now fulfilled because you have selected Roller Shades as your window treatments.

From room darkening to light filtering, 3 Day Blinds offers window treatments that can fulfill all of your lighting preferences! Schedule a FREE in-home consultation today!