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3 Day Blinds Celebrates our Best Month EVER!

3-day-blinds-name-tags-IMG_0732Dave Hall, CEO, left, prepares to address the crowd. In the background, Paula Peltier and Ed Scott await his commentary.

Our CEO, Dave Hall held a conference call and Irvine Support Center team meeting to announce that June 2012 was the best month in company history.  “I would like to thank everyone listening on the phone and here in the corporate office.  It truly was a team effort!”

All departments set records!

  • Marketing and Appointment Desk:  Most Free Design Consultations ever scheduled!
  • Client Care Center:  Highest number of calls answered!
  • Design Consultants:  Greatest number of clients served, windows designed and orders placed!
  • Supply Chain:  Most raw material ever ordered!
  • Manufacturing:  Highest number of custom window blinds, shades, shutters and drapes made and delivered!
  • Professional Installers:  Greatest number or windows covered in history!
  • Human Resources:  Most new hires ever!
  • Training Coordinators:  Greatest number of trainees turned into window treatment experts!
  • IT Helpdesk:  Most tech devices ever kept running trouble-free!
  • Sample Department:  More samples than ever shipped!
  • Finance:  Largest numbers ever crunched!

3-day-blinds-name-tags-Untitled - 3Since we have so many new faces, Executive Vice President Tikie Holewski decided we all should wear name badges.  Instead of issuing us boring name tags with bar codes and driver license quality photos, she empowered us to make our own, filling our small conference room with craft items, so that we could creatively show off our passions, hobbies, families, pets and favorite sports in a myriad of creative ways!

Left, is Cristin Harrigan’s name badge that showcases that she likes jewelry making, gardening, cooking, movies, SCUBA, Tab and quilting.  What a revelation!  We did not know that she had time for anything other than keeping the marketing department organized!

Scroll down to see some great more great examples of the creativity of the 3 Day Blinds associates…

3-day-blinds-name-tags-IMG_0736Tikie Holewski kids around with Max Luong and Scott Mendez.

3-day-blinds-name-tags-IMG_0740Sal and Ana receive gift cards after demonstrating that they could remember more team members’ names than anyone else!

3-day-blinds-name-tags-IMG_0741Tamara receives a gift card for her creative name badge.

And to celebrate at the Irvine Support Center, we had the Biggest Bar-B-Q ever! Scroll down to see photos.

3-day-blinds-name-tags-Untitled - 1Mary Kay Stam’s creative interpretation of the name badge.If you would like to join our ever expanding base of happy clients who have transformed their windows from boring to beautiful, just call us at 877-614-3329 to schedule your free in-home design consultation. Your local 3 Day Blinds window treatments expert will help you select the best window coverings for your home (most of which really can be custom-made and installed within 3 Days), take guaranteed measurements, provide a free quote and arrange for a professional installation – all in one efficient visit!

3-day-blinds-name-tags-IMG_0730Feri (not pictured), Augusta, Judeann and Vivian show of their badges

3-day-blinds-name-tags-IMG_0726The impressive handiwork of Kellie and Rosa from Appointment Services

3-day-blinds-name-tags-IMG_079Jennifer actually sketched pictures of her children.

3db-name-badgesIMG_0729Candace, Nancy and Diane share their interests.

__3-day-blinds-name-badgesIMG_0728From accounting, Sarah, Rosa and Ann!

3-day-blinds-name-tags-IMG_0725Jenni and Ashley – our adventurous merchandising ladies!

3-day-blinds-bbq-IMG_0722Lining up to chow down: Christa Wadley, Lorne Beaty, Linna Taing, Frank Gutierrez, Michel Tremblay, David Andexler

3-day-blinds-bbq-IMG_0721Laura Di Mario, Matt Jamison, Judeann Glover, Tikie Holewski, Augusta Gohil, Greg Bibas, Mary Kay Stam, Kim Pague

3-day-blinds-bbq-IMG_0720Aman Ullah, Jennie Bui, Sunita Francis, Feri Khosrowpour


Simply Sheer Shades by 3 Day Blinds Transform Conference Room

SIMPLY-SHEER-BY-3-DAY-BLINDS-Untitled - 17Simply Sheer Shades by 3 Day Blinds in our Conference Room.

It has been 3 years since the 3 Day Blinds Irvine Support Center moved into our current offices in Irvine, CA, and we’re in the process of remodeling to accommodate more team members, since we seem to be on a constant hiring spree, driven by our growth.

Given that we specialize in custom window treatments, it was high time that we replaced the mini blinds, (made by a competitor, no less), on the interior facing windows in our conference room.

We chose Simply Sheer Shades, a modern fabric shade product that we introduced last October.  These shades are just wonderful because they offer great light control, and unlike other sheer shades, can be adjusted when raised to any level.  For this application, we can close them completely for room darkening privacy, adjust them to filter light from outside and provide a view inside, or open them all the way up so that they are completely hidden in the color coordinated, aluminum cassette headrail.  

But the best news is that they look spectacular!  It was fun to watch as our associates who were walking by stopped to marvel at this fabulous upgrade.  

Simply Sheer Shades are ideal for large windows where light and privacy control are needed.  Ready to see them for yourself, along with the 1000 other products we can customize for you?  Just call us at  877-614-3329, or click here to schedule your free in-home Design Consultation online.  During this consultation, our designer will help you choose the perfect product, take guaranteed measurements, provide a quote and arrange for professional installation.

simply-sheer-3-day-blinds-55 From the outside looking in on the 3 Day Blinds Conference Room where we just installed our own Simply Sheer Shades.

Customer Recommendation For Linda Martin

To Whom It May Concern:

I recently purchased blinds from 3 Day Blinds and have been particularly pleased with the service provided by Linda Martin.

She was not only pleasant and efficient to work with but went out of her way to see that a technical problem with the blinds was corrected beyond my expectations.

I will be recommending Linda and 3 Day Blinds whenever I have the opportunity.

Thank you,


Linda Martin is a 3 Day Blinds Design Consultant, covering the Ojai, Ventura and Santa Barbara, CA areas. Call 877-617-3329 to schedule a free in-home design consultation or find a 3 Day Blinds Design Consultant in your neighborhood.

Client Photos from Designer Barbara Sloss: A 3 Day Blinds Window Makeover

Barbara Sloss, Design Consultant for 3 Day Blinds, specified a Flat Roman Shade in Savannah Titanium for her client. Cathedral Cornices added the perfect finishing touch.

Barbara Sloss, CID, 3 Day Blinds Design ConsultantAt 3 Day Blinds, we love it when clients share their photos with us, and allow us to see how our custom shades, shutters, blinds and drapes transform their homes!  We were especially excited when Barbara Sloss, CID (Certified Interior Designer), our Window Treatments Design Consultant who serves our clients in Hercules, Pinole and El Sobrante, CA sent us beautiful photos from a home makeover where she  managed the window covering update.  Considering all of the options available in our just-introduced Soft Roman Shade and Drapery Collections including the 168 hand-chosen fabrics and the variety of sizes we offer, virtually every product we make is one-of-a-kind! 

Maison Cafe au Lait fabric in an Tailored Pleat Panel with Rings.“My client fell in love with our Soft Roman Shades, Draperies, Decorative Hardware and Fabrics.  We collaborated to create a palette of fabrics that complemented her beautifully decorated home.  Ultimately, she chose 4 fabrics from our line and decorated over a dozen windows with our custom Soft Roman Shades and Draperies,” said Barbara.

“I was so excited when I saw the results of our work.  I love my career at 3 Day Blinds because it allows me to be creative, and to apply my product and technical knowledge as well.  My client truly felt that I delivered great value, she was impressed with our quick turnaround, gave rave reviews to our professional installers and she now feels that the 3 Day Blinds window treatments we designed are a core part of what brings the style to her home that she has always dreamed of.  It gives me great confidence to know that I represent a quality company with a sterling, 30-year reputation.”

We asked Barbara how she approaches such a challenging project.  “It starts with what the client is wishing for.  There are many aspects to window treatments, including aesthetic choices such as silhouette, scale, color story, pattern,  texture and how all of these components fit into the existing decor.  Then there are the practical considerations such as desired light control, insulation, privacy and how the window treatment operates,”  said Barbara.  “Each client has their own preferences.  It is my job to personalize the right solution from the more than 1000 products we offer, and to ensure that all of their needs are met.”

living and bedroom 3 day blindsShona Topaz fabric in a Pleated Drapery and Addison Verdant Fabric in a Flat Roman Shade

Any other advice?  “Don’t be afraid of pattern! The many great fabrics in the 3 Day Blinds collection can address style from modern to traditional.  Our assortment is updated, yet it offers fabrics that are timeless in their beauty.”

Barbara or your neighborhood 3 Day Blinds Design Consultant is ready to meet with you to show you these wonderful new products.  Just call us at877-614-3329 or click here to schedule online.

The assortment of fabrics that Barbara chose for her client: Masion Cafe au Lait, Addison Verdant, Shona Topaz and Savannah Titanium

Tantalizing Window Treatments from Thailand and Tokyo

windows-Untitled - 19Wood Blinds in Suvarnabhumi Airport, Thailand

What are windows wearing around Asia this summer?  We took a quick trip there to check it out, and we snapped a few photos for you along the way!

Call 3 Day Blinds at 877-614-3329 when you are ready for a window treamtment update of your own!  Meanwhile, scroll down and enjoy…

windows-Untitled - 20Sheer draperies in a guest room at the Shangri La Hotel soften the view of the Chao Praya River in Bangkok

windows-Untitled - 7Woven Wood Shutters filter the light at the Peninsula Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand.

windows-Untitled - 9Dramatic Draperies soften hard edges at the St. Regis in Thailand.
windows-Untitled - 11Thai Silk draperies in Angelini Restaurant, Bangkok

windows-P1040506Outdoor Shutters in a cheerful, weathered shade of blue on office windows surrounding the Royal Palace in Bangkok

windows-P1040544Wood Blinds with Ladder Tape at the Queen Sirikit Museum of Textiles, Bangkok

windows-Untitled - 16Sheer Draperies at the Tokyo National Museum, Japan
windows-Untitled - 15Sheer Roman Shades at the Tokyo National Museum, Japan

windows-Untitled - 21Vertical Wood Slats on a window from the Treasures from Sacred Izumo Exhibit Building, Tokyo

windows-Untitled - 18Motorized Roman Shades Framed by Tassled Draperies in the Shagri La Hotel, Tokyo
windows-Untitled - 14Solar Screen Roller Shades at Narita Airport, Tokyo, Japan

Customer Recommendation for Barbara Howell

Hello Barbara: 

Before I communicate my thoughts to you, let me tell you a bit about my history.  I have been the President of a customer satisfaction consulting firm for the past 6 years.  I visit companies and assess the level of service provided by their staffs and review systems and work flow and other aspects of service.  I know a little bit about service.

I hate Saturday appointments; I work all week and that’s my private time.  I don’t like folks in my home that I don’t know; sometimes it necessary but I dread it.  Those windows of time that we are given 12p-4p are difficult as my experience is that the vendor arrives at 3:45p and I have used up ½ of my day waiting and the other half while they do the work.  Well all of that went out the window when it came to the service provided by you on behalf of 3-Day Blinds.

You showed up exactly at 12:30p which was the start of the time quoted to me.  Your words were warm, kind, and friendly.  At no point in time did I feel that a vendor, or stranger was in my home, instead I felt like I was having a visit from a friend.  Often times vendors are so friendly that they are incompetent, or chat away your day.  Not you Barbara, you were friendly and extremely professional at the same time-what a combination. 

You allowed me to set the stage for our work together, I wanted to know my options and then I wanted to factor in your expertise and suggestions.  It worked out beautifully; you measured 10-12 windows in no time flat.  It was clear that you know your business. 

I felt like you gave me a good price; I was very disappointed when my credit was not approved.  Thank God I have money and resources so that we could consummate the deal.  You were so diplomatic and compassionate during the denial; I have a high credit score and the denial could have been more upsetting, but I trust God too much for that.

 Well Barbara, I can only say thank you so much.  I will be buying a mansion in the near future and guess who’s doing my blinds.

Thank you kindly,

Zarifa, California
Barbara Howell is a 3 Day Blinds Design Consultant, covering the Malibu, Redondo Beach, and Long Beach, CA areas. Call 877-617-3329 to schedule a free in-home design consultation or find a 3 Day Blinds Design Consultant in your neighborhood.

Customer Recommendation for Michelle Plunkett


The blinds were installed today. We are so happy with the color and look it gives the living room and two bed rooms.

Just what we needed to do to update the house. Thank you so very much!

Alan and Mary,

Michelle Plunkett is a 3 Day Blinds Design Consultant, covering the  Santa Barbara, Montecito and Goletam CA areas.  Call 877-617-3329 to schedule a free in-home design consultation or find a 3 Day Blinds Design Consultant in your neighborhood.

Solar Screen Roller Shades by 3 Day Blinds Preserve Views and Protect Furnishings

Merida Solar Screen Roller Shades by 3 Day Blinds are the perfect choice for media rooms.

One of the fastest growing product categories at 3 Day Blinds is Solar Screen Roller Shades.

“These shades are a great option for preserving your view, reducing glare and protecting furniture,” says one of 3 Day Blinds top Design Consultants, Jeffrey Compton, who serves Dallas, Frisco and Plano, TX.  “We have 35 different fabric choices in our solar screen assortment that feature different openness factors ranging from 1% to 14%, with the lower percentages blocking more incoming UV light.  We also have a wide range of colors and textures that complement almost any type of decor, and we offer several sleek operating systems that include corded, cordless and motorized.”

To see our selection of Solar Screen Roller Shades and the 1000 other products we make at the 3 Day Blinds factory, call us at 877-614-3329 to schedule your free in-home design consultation today!

3 Day Blinds Makes a Large Donation to Habitat for Humanity

3-day-blinds-habitat-for-humanity-IMG_0500Dave Hall, CEO, 3 Day Blinds, and Frank Gutierrez, SVP, Manufacturing & Supply Chain, 3 Day Blinds, help load boxes into the Habitat for Humanity Truck

In Orange County, CA volunteers donate their time to help with the construction of new homes through Habitat for Humanity.This morning, a Habitat for Humanity truck came to the 3 Day Blinds warehouse to take away the donation of a truckload of drapes, shutters, shades and blinds that will be used in homes that they are building, or sold in their stores to raise money for their local and worldwide efforts to provide housing for low income families.

“We are excited to donate window treatments to Habitat for Humanity, a cause all of us at 3 Day Blinds support,” said Dave Hall, CEO, after helping to load the boxes of blinds on the truck.  “We know that this great organization will find the best way to use our products to benefit their clients and build on their success.”

Most of the products that 3 Day Blinds donated were used in photo shoots or in the extensive product testing and prototyping process that is a part of our product development cycle. “I know that Habitat for Humanity will be delighted when they open these boxes.  What they will find are exclusive, one-of-a-kind window treatments that are the same quality and have the same features that our professional designers specify for their clients,” said Karin Jeske, SVP Merchandising and Product Development.  “I am happy to know that we will be bringing creativity, fashion and style to the clients of Habitat for Humanity.”

In the aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti, Habitat for Humanity volunteers work alongside local residents to provide housing.We asked Noe Rivas, Manager, Material Acquisitions from Habitat for Humanity of Orange County about their efforts in our local community:  “We are proud to say that we have completed construction on 171 homes in Orange County, CA so far, that now house 968 residents.  Our newest project is in Santa Ana, a community where there are many in need of our services.  The progress we make is always accelerated by the volunteers who generously donate their time, and great organizations like 3 Day Blinds who donate high quality products.  We are so appreciative!”

As the truck drove away, we all felt grateful that our window coverings would be used to benefit families in need.  We asked Frank Gutierrez, SVP of Manufacturing and Supply Chain about the size and value of the donation.  “Today we loaded 400 blinds on the Habitat for Humanity truck.  The retail value of each of these blinds averages $220, so the total value of the donation is $88,000.”

There are many ways to help Habitat for Humanity.  Learn more here.

If you would like a professional designer from 3 Day Blinds to come to your home to recommend the best custom window treatments for your budget, style and light control needs, just call us at 877-614-3329, or click here to schedule online.  During this free consultation, our designer will help you choose the perfect product, take guaranteed measurements, provide a quote and arrange for professional installation.

3-day-blinds-habitat-for-humanity-IMG_0504Noe Rivas, Habitat for Humanity, Frank Gutierrez, 3 Day Blinds, Alfanso Palaez and Florencio Mercado, Habitat for Humanity, Alfredo Gonzalez, Diodoro Mercado and Dave Hall, 3 Day Blinds

Jeff Miller of 3 Day Blinds is an Invited Speaker at an International Quality Conference

From the Customer Service presentation at the 2012 Quality and Research Productivity Conference. Jim Bampos of EMC2 Corporation, Jeff Miller of 3 Day Blinds, Li Guo, PhD Candidate, UC Riverside, Dr. Daniel Jeske of UC Riverside and Dr. Terrance Callanan of Carestream HealthThe Quality Productivity and Research Conference (QPRC) is an annual multi day event that draws top professionals in business, science, academia and government from around the world, to review the latest cutting edge ideas on improving quality, and to stimulate more interdisciplinary research in this area.  Conference sponsors include General Electric, Raytheon, SAS Statistical Software, VMware, Minitab Stat-Ease and Meirss.

At 3 Day Blinds, we are excited that Jeff Miller, our Senior VP of Client Experience, was invited by QPRC 2012 conference organizers to share his ideas and experiences in a presentation entitled “Improving Customer Satisfaction Using a Proven Data-Driven, Customer-Centric Methodology”.

jeff-miller-3-day-blinds-IMG_0268Jeff Miller, SVP Client Experience, 3 Day Blinds, presents at QPRC 20123 Day Blinds has a 34 year legacy of providing great products and service backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty, but since joining 3 Day Blinds in the summer of 2010, Jeff has elevated the way we deliver client care to the hundreds of thousands of clients that have done business with us to “world class”, using the latest technology, combined with processes that require efficient follow-up to resolve issues, so that no stone is left unturned to live up to our core value of providing Superior Client Experiences.  Jeff came to us from Global Experience Specialists (GES), a company with nearly a billion dollars in revenue,  where he transformed their Client Contact Center to one that was JD Power & Associates certified.

Using 3 Day Blinds as a case study, Jeff took the conference delegates through a series of slides that outlined the methods he has implemented, which include surveying each client after every touch point (appointment scheduling, design consultation, installation and contact with client care), tabulating the data and giving his team the tools and technology to take action to resolve any issues that surface. 

He shared data showing how the metrics have improved during his tenure, how the data helps managers across the company identify opportunities for improvement, and the team approach we take to solving these issues.  He emphasized that success with these methods is only possible if everyone, including our board of directors, and senior management, buy in.

After his talk, he answered a dozen questions from the audience who wanted more information.  “We were excited that Jeff Miller from 3 Day Blinds was part of our agenda, and able to share with us his real-life example of how data, combined with great technology, efficient processes and employee empowerment can greatly improve customer satisfaction, and how that leads to increased revenue for the company,”  said Daniel Jeske, Professor and Chair of the Statistics Department of University of California, Riverside, and Chair of the 2012 QPRC conference.

“I am honored to have been chosen to speak at QPRC 2012,” says Jeff.  “It was an exhilarating conference with many great speakers, and I enjoyed sharing best practices and information about emerging ideas and technologies related to quality and productivity with leaders from top companies and institutions from around the world.”

The session on Customer Service that included Jeff’s talk was organized by Terrance Callanan of Carestream Health, and also included two other outstanding speakers, Jim Bampos of EMC2 Corporation whose presentation was entitled, “How to Take a Fortune 200 Company and Make Satisfaction and Loyalty Matter,” and Li Guo, a PhD candidate at UC Riverside, who presented an overview of a paper related to her doctoral thesis written in collaboration with Dr. Daniel Jeske and Dr. Terrance Callanan entitled “Cumulative Logistic Regression Models with Ordinal Explanatory Variables:  Application to Customer Care Metrics.” 

Congratulations, Jeff, for taking the stage at an international conference attended by the elite professionals in your field, and knocking their socks off with your presentation on the world class service provided by you and your team to 3 Day Blinds’ clients!

To review our fabulous collection of custom drapes, shutters, shades and blinds and to experience our world class customer service, please call us at 877-614-3329, or click here.  During our free in-home consultation, we’ll help you choose the right product for your home, provide guaranteed measurements, an on-the-spot quote, and arrange for professional installation.