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Photo Booth Fun at 3 Day Blinds to Celebrate New Records Set and New CEO!

Ramona Seneviratne, Eyvet Hartooni, Maria Queeno, Chris Amber, Amber Neeley

At 3 Day Blinds, we like to celebrate when we set new records, not to mention the much less frequent event of naming a new CEO, Dave Hall!

The good news is that we continue to reach new highs in the number of free in-home window treatments consultations our clients schedule with our Designers.  The problem is that if we stopped to celebrate every time we reached a new goal, we wouldn’t get any work done!  So, contrary to the evidence in these photos of what happened when Tikie Holewski, our Senior Vice President, planted a Photo Booth in our Corporate Boardroom a few days ago, we are not taking our eye off the ball when it comes to providing superior service and cream-of-the-crop custom blinds, shades, shutters, and drapes!  Here are just a few of the hundreds of colorful shots that were taken that day!

Rest assured, our Design Consultants have much better fashion sense than those of us that support them!  Thousands of your neighbors have trusted their expertise and 3 Day Blinds for their custom window treatments needs.  Why not join them?  You’ll be able to update and beautify your windows and we’ll get to continue celebrating!  It’s a win-win! Just call 877-614-3329 to schedule your free in-home design consultation or click here to schedule online.

Judeann Glover, Scott Mendez,, Tikie Holewski and Augusta Gohil

Steve Marinca, David Vasquez, Bashar Samman, Natalie Niverson, Kendra MacDougall, Karen Morrisseau

Augusta Gohil and Frank Gutierrez

Mike McCarty, Laura DiMario, Abdel Zeyas and Kim Pague

Feri Khosrowpour, Ann Miranda, Tamara Seyhun, Rosa Galindo, Vivian Vo (front)

Dan Lyle, Darrell Wilson, Brian Holt

Ana Aldave and Glendy Gamboa

Natalie Niverson and Scott Mendez

Dave Hall, Tikie Holewski and Ed Scott

Matt Jamison, Cristin Harrigan, Greg Bibas, Ashley Ragland and Mary Kay Stam (front)

Sal Bahena, John Leto, Josh Glackin, and Phil Halbasch

Lucy Ortiz and Karen Chen

Diane Capasso, Candace Beaz

A smattering of senior managersCynthia Ramos and Kellie Proschek

Rosa Aguirre, Ed Scott, Amber Neeley and Jeff Miller (in pictures)Tamara Seyhun and Valerie Bauer


The “Quarter Tour” of the Hunter Douglas Sacramento Fabrication Facility

Jeff Hales, Director of Operations, Fabrication Division, Hunter Douglas, Karin Jeske, SVP, Merchandising, 3 Day Blinds, Randy Liken, President, Fabrication Division, Hunter Douglas, Dave Hall, CEO, 3 Day Blinds, Donna Thomas, Customer Service Manager, Hunter Douglas, Andy Smith, Hunter Douglas Key Accounts Group

An important, and ever growing part of our product line-up of custom blinds and shades at 3 Day Blinds is our Hunter Douglas Branded Products.  We love showing Hunter Douglas products to our clients, because they combine beauty, clever functionality (with many exclusive, patented features) and the highest quality.

Earlier this week, we had the pleasure of visiting the state-of-the-art Hunter Douglas Fabrication facility in Sacramento, CA.  Randy Liken, President of Fabrication, who has been responsible for many of the major initiatives that have positioned Hunter Douglas as the market leader provided us with an overview of how the division works.

When visiting a manufacturing facility, the tour guide often asks if you want “The Quarter Tour, the Dime Tour, or the Nickel Tour,” with the Quarter Tour being most comprehensive.

Jeff Hales, the Director of Operations, thoughtfully explained to us the many ways in which this is truly a world class operation, and gave us the “Quarter Tour” for sure!  Some features of their plant included the way they bring natural light into the building to save energy, the sophisticated ways in which they solicit continuous improvement suggestions from every member of the team, their fabrication methods, which use everything from delicate handwork to innovative automated machinery that results in perfectly made product, and their relentless drive to reduce scrap and waste, while providing a safe and positive environment for their associates. 

Donna Thomas, Customer Service Manager, gave us a tour of their Customer Service operation, and the new training center, where their agents spend 7 weeks in training before they start taking calls from their customers.

“I thoroughly enjoyed our tour of the Hunter Douglas plant and customer service operation and I am more excited than ever to have Hunter Douglas as a partner and in our portfolio of custom blinds and shades,” said Dave Hall, CEO of 3 Day Blinds.  “This meeting was especially meaningful, given that we manufacture our own brand of products in the 3 Day Blinds factory, and strive to provide nothing less than exceptional quality and service.  Because Hunter Douglas is of the exact same mindset, theirs is the only brand of custom blinds and shades other than our own, that we promote.”

Duette® Honeycomb Shades were among the many products we saw being produced at the Hunter Douglas Fabrication facility in Sacramento, CA.

Ready to see these wonderful Hunter Douglas products live, and in person? The 3 Day Blinds Design Consultant in your neighborhood will meet with you in your home, at your convenience, and help you select the perfect Hunter Douglas custom-made window treatments for your windows.  They will also take guaranteed measurements, provide an on-the-spot quote, and arrange for professional installation.  Just call 877-614-3329 or click here to schedule online.

The products we carry from Hunter Douglas include CountryWoods® Wood Blinds, Designer Screen® Roller and Roman Shades, Duette® Honeycomb Shades, Duette® Architella® Honeycomb Shades, Everwoods® Faux Wood Blinds, Luminette® Privacy Vertical Sheers, Luminette® Modern Draperies, Modern Precious Metals® Blinds, Silhouette® Sheer Window Shadings, Vignette® Modern Roman Shades, Pirouette® Window Shadings, Provenance® Woven Wood Shades, CountryWoods® Wood Blinds, Designer Screen® Roller and Roman Shades, Duette® Honeycomb Shades, Duette® Architella® Honeycomb Shades, Everwoods® Faux Wood Blinds, Luminette® Privacy Vertical Sheers, Luminette® Modern Draperies, Modern Precious Metals® Blinds, Silhouette® Sheer Window Shadings, Vignette® Modern Roman Shades, Pirouette® Window Shadings and Provenance® Woven Wood Shades.

Customer Recommendation for Helane Kramer

Hi Helane,

I just wanted to say it was a pleasure doing business with you and I very much appreciate your help with my selections and all the money you saved me.  Thanks again.  I look forward to talking to you again soon.


Helane Kramer is a 3 Day Blinds Design Consultant, covering the Los Angeles, Hollywood and Pasadena CA areas. Call 877-617-3329 to schedule a free in-home design consultation or find a 3 Day Blinds Design Consultant in your neighborhood.

Customer Recommendation for Helane Kramer

Dear 3 Day Blinds Management,

I wanted to express how pleased and impressed I was with the professionalism of your sales associate Helane Kramer. She was courteous and highly knowledgeable about the product line and gave me the features of each product and made recommendations based upon my specific needs.

I had another company come out and the rep was here for over an hour and when he left I still felt totally confused and unsure about what window covering product to use. Helane had all her samples to show me which really made it easy for me to make a decision after seeing all the products demonstrated.

Thank you Helane for your great service. I will definitely recommend her to my friends and neighbors in the Pacific Palisades area.

Cecily, California

Helane Kramer is a 3 Day Blinds Design Consultant, covering the Los Angeles, Hollywood and Pasadena CA areas. Call 877-617-3329 to schedule a free in-home design consultation or find a 3 Day Blinds Design Consultant in your neighborhood.

New Custom Draperies and Roman Shades: Stories from our Designers

Custom Window Treatments from 3 Day Blinds: Draperies mounted over Simply Sheer Shades.

It’s been just over a month since we at 3 Day Blinds launched our new Custom Drapery and Soft Roman Shade program.  We are all thrilled with the number of clients that are choosing these new products, and, as always, we love to hear real stories, from our Design Consultants, who actually work with their clients in their homes to choose the perfect window treatment.

Stefanie CannizzoServing Walnut Creek, Danville and San Ramon, CA:

Two of my clients have chosen our Soft Roman Shades.  In the first order the client was moving into a new home and I talked about our fabulous fabrics that we just launched.  She wanted to see them, and lo and behold she found a fabric she loved for her kitchen valances.  She already had existing honeycombs that she was putting in these windows so we laughed that she really saved a lot of money by only doing the valances!

My second client was updating their children’s rooms which currently had room darkening honeycombs.  They wanted something more “grown-up” and able to stand the test of time as their children moved through elementary and middle school and beyond.  She loved the fabrics so much that she ended up doing 2 roman shades (in addition to the other 4 shades) on her  French Doors in the Master Bedroom.  All of these were sold with room darkening lining.

 Having these new products will greatly improve my ability to serve my clients.

Wayne StapletonServing San Grosse Pointe, St Clair Shores and Warren, MI:

I met with my client who indicated that they wanted Roller Shades for a bay window in their kitchen. During the free design consultation, they said that they needed the shades for about 1 hour during the day when the sun was at its worst. Then they said that they were going to have a Custom Fabric Valance made to cover the shades. I then showed them that with our new Soft Roman Shades we could accomplish everything they needed, both aesthetically and functionally with one product!  They could let the Roman Shades down for that hour or so while the sun was at its worst. Then just pull them up and they will look like a fabric roman shade valance for the rest of the time. We created a highly decorative look and eliminated the need for Roller Shades, saving the client money. As soon as she touched the fabric I showed her it was done. It didn’t matter what her husband said, she was getting those Roman Shades!

I love having a new product that practically sells itself!

Jeffry-Wynne PrinceServing Roseville, Rocklin and Granite Bay, CA:

The ability to offer such an incredible selection of custom designed draperies and valances right alongside our diverse offering of hard window coverings has opened up clients to a truly one-of-a-kind experience.

Historically, blinds and drapes being offered by the same company was an illusion – usually one or both of the products would be outsourced and then coordinated by a designer. This meant multiple visits, multiple vendors, an unrealistically high-price tag, as well as multiple installations and a very long lead time up to several months for completion of the project. This also meant that service after-the-sale was virtually non-existent.

Now, I am able to showcase beautiful soft window treatments side-by-side with counterpart blinds and truly offer a complete project while in the home. Because these are offered by 3 Day Blinds, they come with the same selection, service, and value we’ve been offering on our hard-window coverings for over 30 years. On a personal note, as an interior designer it gives me great pleasure to work one-on-one from beginning to end with a client on their windows. I use one installer for all of the products, so they are all completed at the same time…usually within 2 weeks of placing the order. The clients that have used our soft window treatments have been immensely satisfied and impressed with the entire process, and in each case, have already referred us to their friends and family.

Vada MosesServing Houston, Katy and Cypress TX:

I am so excited to have these new products to offer my customers.  One of my repeat clients fell in love with our new fabrics and was able to add some fashion to her bedroom by adding draperies over the blinds I had previously specified for her bedroom.  The fabric looked great with her bedding.  The result is a finished look that she would have expected from a high end interior designer.  She was thrilled with the cost and the speed of delivery.  Another client chose Roman Shades for her study, which had lots of dark paneling and several book shelves.  She found the perfect fabric!  She also chose a set of custom drapes that she plans to order in a month. 

Debi BarishServing Huntington Beach, Newport Beach and Fountain Valley, CA:

My Clients and I are all thrilled with the beautiful selection of fabrics we have for our Drapery and Soft Roman Shade program. We have something to fit every style whether it is modern, transitional or traditional. 3 Day Blinds makes it simple. We’re a one stop shop for taking windows from “Drab to Fab!”

So far, four clients have purchased Soft Roman Shades from me, and one has purchased Draperies.  Our fabric selection is fabulous.  Each of these clients had a completely different style challenge, and I was able to customize just the right treatment for each!  I truly believe that 3 Day Blinds hit a home run with these new products.  When I have a chance to come up for air, I intend to contact all of my client base to let them know about these new offerings.

Deborah AndersonServing Benicia, Fairfield and Vallejo, CA:

My customer was a return customer ready to address the needs in her master bedroom. She had bought  new furniture and new carpet and felt she had made the wrong color selection for her carpet. She had exsisting cellular shades on the windows and wanted to select new cellular shades with a hint of color and then mentioned to me about maybe she needed drapes which her husband did not want. He wanted to  head in a direction that was simple and a clean line.

I told her to wait a moment while I grabbed something out of my car. When I returned I had our new fabric books and my paint swatches. I introduced her to our new beautiful fabrics and told her  that if she were to do Soft Roman Shades she would accomplish two things , she would have a blind for the necessary privacy and light and the warmth of fabric for a more complete look and help her with what she felt she was missing. 

She was so excited that the fabric I had in mind tied in her carpet , we went over some paint colors for additional  warmth and the beautiful fabric we selected along with the  style of the Flat Roman Shade Style will give her a completed look that suited her needs and that of her husband’s. So much fun!  

If you would like to review our Custom Drapery and Soft Roman Shade Collection, just call us at 817-614-3329 or click here to find your neighborhood designer.  We’ll arrange for your local 3 Day Blinds Design Consultant to meet with you at your home at your convenience.  They will help you choose the ideal custom treatments for your windows, take guarnateed measurements and arrange for professional installation.  We’d love to beautify your windows while providing you with a fast, convenient, worry-free experience!

Great Training – a Staple on the 3 Day Blinds Menu

bay-area-3-day-blinds-photo 36Back Row, From left to right: Tony Valli (District Sales Manager), Judeann Glover (Director, Sales & Training Development), Barbara Sloss, Jennifer Ghorman, Ramandeep Virk, Lisa Ome-Wilhite, , Karen Lotspeich, Chris Gallegos, Stefanie Cannizzo Front Row, From center to right: Deborah Anderson, Cheryl White (Training Facilitator), Nancy Farias, Stefanie Cannizzo, Orlando (No Cal Installer)

No matter your role, training is an ongoing process at 3 Day Blinds.  The Design Consultants in Tony Valli’s region of San Francisco and Northern California had a treat last week when Judeann Glover, our Director of Training and Development brought her workshop on maintaining relationships with past customers to their team meeting.  It was very interactive, and a lot of fun!  Above is a team picture taken afterwards.

Customer Recommendation for Helane Kramer

Dear Helane,

Thank you so much for coming to our house today. In about 5 minutes of your arrival I knew we were going to get the help we needed. I loved that you were a little “pushy” – you helped me to see things and make a decision. And your style is perfect – I didn’t feel judged when I chose something different (which I think I only did with one item because overall your suggestions were so good). Your opinions also educated me and showed me a different approach to some of the windows.

You picked a color and style for the kitchen that I didn’t know to look at. And then you explained to me why it was perfect and I got it. You helped me to visualize it. You suggested something simple for the office downstairs – it is perfect and saves us money that we can spend on another window covering. And I can’t wait to see “top-down, bottom up” shade in the 2nd bedroom downstairs – I thought we couldnt afford that but you showed me how to do it affordably.

There are so many choices in window coverings that I just get overwhelmed. I can’t thank you enough for coming in, assessing the situation, and making strong suggestions while explaining why you were suggesting that. I still can’t believe how much we accomplished in the hour you were here.

We are grateful for your guidance and really excited about what we ordered. Thank you so much! We will definitely call you when we are ready to do the other rooms I showed you today.


Helane Kramer is a 3 Day Blinds Design Consultant, covering the Los Angeles, Hollywood and Pasadena CA areas. Call 877-617-3329 to schedule a free in-home design consultation or find a 3 Day Blinds Design Consultant in your neighborhood.

3 Day Blinds Managers Get “Beachy” With Each Other!

3-day-blinds-beach-party-management-P10304783 Day Blinds Management – Back Row: Vivian Vo – Director of Financial Planning, Feri Khosrowpour – Controller, Greg Bibas – SVP, Marketing, Karin Jeske – SVP Merchandising, Dave Hall – CEO, Kevin Rabbitt – former CEO, now CEO of NEP Broadcasting, Front Row: Tikie Holewski – SVP, Scott Mendez – VP Sales

Yesterday, Dave Hall, CEO of 3 Day Blinds, and his wife, Jackie invited Dave’s direct reports, along with their families, to their ocean front home on the Newport Beach Peninsula.  In all, 30 people showed up, and we spent some fun time getting to know our co-worker’s kids and spouses, playing in the sand, as well as enjoying some delicious food and drink.  The weather was great, the sunset was gorgeous, and it was a wonderful time.  Thanks Dave and Jackie!

3-day-blinds-management-party-mendez1-P1030486Kristie (carrying son #4, due in May), Blake, Scott, Carter and Grant Mendez, Hugo Nguyen3-day-blinds-management-party-P1030480Jackie Hall, Wayne Garton and Kristie Mendez

3-day-blinds-beach-party-gregLilah, Greg and Ariane Bibas3-day-blinds-management-party-P1030481Vivian Vo, Emily Rabbitt and Fer Khosrowpour

3-day-blinds-beach-party-P1030483Back: Emily, Sara and Kristen Rabbitt Front: Michael Rabbitt and Hugo Nguyen

3-day-blinds-beach-party-dave-hall-P1030488Dave Hall, Grillmaster

3-day-blinds-beach-party-vivianVivian and son Hugo Nguyen at dusk.

3-day-blinds-beach-party-P1030498Our hosts Dave and Jackie at the end of the night.

Los Angeles Designers: Our Core Value of “One Team” in Action!

Team-LA-3-Day-Blinds-Santa-Monica-Showroom-P10304773 Day Blinds Design Team from Los Angeles – Gary Kvisler (District Sales Manager), Andrea Pocquette, Cindy Julia, Helane Kramer, Joyce Glick, Karen Scott, Richard Walther, Sharlene Lockwood, Liviu Barna in back, Karin Jeske (Irvine Support Center), Ray Soltani, Barbara Howell and Brent Reeves. Behind the camera: Scott Mendez.

I had the pleasure of attending the 3 Day Blinds Los Angeles Team Meeting in our showroom in Santa Monica yesterday.  The main purpose was to review our new Custom Drapery and Soft Roman Shade program, introduced a month ago.

I LOVED the energy and the interest…  this group of window treatments super stars were incredibly interested in learning how they can create the perfect look with these new products for their clients, as I would expect… but what really impressed me is how dedicated they are to working as a team to help each other succeed!

It takes an amazing person to excell as a window treatments designer.  These folks have a great eye for design, deep product knowledge of the materials, operating systems and functionality of the more than 1000 custom products we offer, technical abilities that allow them to take perfect measurements to ensure a perfect fit, project management skills to ensure that their clients’ expectations are met from inspiration to installation, and great people skills as well!

“My career with 3 Day Blinds offers me a new challenge every day,” says Andrea Pocquette, who covers the South Bay regions in the Los Angeles market.  “I love meeting with my clients and helping them find the perfect custom window covering solution.  I also know that I have a great group of people making sure that all of the promises I make to my customers are kept, including our team of installers, the people making our products in the 3 Day Blinds factory, and everyone in our Irvine Support Center.  Most of all, I love working with the Los Angeles Design Team;  we work together to support each person and make everyone successful.”

If you’re ready to meet with your local 3 Day Blinds Designer, click here to type in your zip code, or call us at 877-614-3329.  Our Designers provide a free consultation at your home or place of business at your convenience.

If you would rather become one of our Design Consultants, check out our Career Opportunities.

Transformation: Delightful Draperies in a Classic Dining Room

3-day-blinds-draperies-Untitled - 4Custom Soft Roman Shades and Drapes add elegance to a traditional dining room.

Dining Rooms have evolved from an everyday room, to the room that becomes a showcase for holidays and special gatherings. The style and design of the dining room is just as important as the food that is served. Here is the three-step evolution of a dining room from basic to elegant:             

1. Without window treatments, the room looks well put-together, but is lacking in color.

2. By adding soft roman shades in a cheerful floral pattern, color is brought in to the room with an elegant touch.

3. The third step is to add custom drapery hardware, with custom drapery panels in a lively green to accent the pattern and complement the décor of the room.

Whether your taste is traditional, modern or eclectic, the patterns, colors and textures offered will meet anyone’s needs.