Happy Holidays from the 3 Day Blinds Client Care and Appointment Scheduling Teams!

Happy Holidays from the Irvine Support Team! Note: these are not standard working conditions! The 3 Day Blinds Irvine Support Team, which includes our Client Care and Appointment Scheduling Departments is showcasing both their creativity and their generosity this week.  They have taken cubicle decorating to a whole new level, by creating a “tree farm”, and accenting it with beautiful, … MORE

A Message for 3 Day Blinds District Managers: Prepare for Rapid Growth and Keep Hiring!

Ronda Jirik, Tikie Holewski, Judeann Glover, Maria Hauser, Gary Kvisler, Tony Valli, Augusta Gohil, Holly Janicki, Anthony Allain, Scott Mendez, Roger Miranda and Joe Bechill meet at 3 Day Blinds Corporate HeadquartersIt’s been 2 exciting days here at 3 Day Blinds Corporate Headquarters in Irvine, CA.  Our District Managers rolled into town from across the country for meetings with the … MORE

Customer Recommendation for Kimberly Brock

Dear Kim, This note is to let you know how lovely our new 3 Day Blinds shutters look and that we are completely pleased with their fit in the windows as well. Thanks for the very professional job which you did, your product knowledge and your recommendations, which turned out to be perfect.  We would also like to say “thanks’ to … MORE

An Inside Look at Our Product Innovation Summit in Ensenada, Mexico

Courtesy of the Ensenada Tourism Board. When most people think of Ensenada, Mexico, they think of an exciting, sunny, history-rich tourist destination with world-class beaches, shopping, dining, sunsets and wineries.  Many people have great vacation memories of this seaside resort. However, when we think of Ensenada, we have a slightly different take, because that is where the 3 Day Blinds … MORE

3 Day Blinds Focuses on FAST Delivery!

At 3 Day Blinds, we make over 1000 products that can be delivered in 2 business days, each of which can be customized in almost an infinite number of ways.At 3 Day Blinds, we’re known for our quality, style, service, and of course, as our name implies, speed.  We’ve been in business since 1978 when our visionary founder began producing … MORE