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Cake, Cards, Clashing Plaids and a Competitor Piñata!

 A creative cake, inspired by The Rally Jacket.

Kevin Rabbitt, our CEO at 3 Day Blinds, loves to cheer the team on in all kinds of fun, creative ways.  So, he was a bit surprised when the entire team, including our hundreds of designers, managers and showroom personnel in the field, turned the tables on him yesterday afternoon, to celebrate his 40th birthday.  The folks from the Irvine headquarters (at least those who were not on the phones helping customers) gathered in the lunch room and cheered when Kevin walked in and swooped up his son, Michael, in his arms.

Then, the creativity and unique personalities that make up our team were on display as he opened his cards and gifts.

Special thanks to Tikie Holewski, Mary Kay Stam, Mike Stea and Natalie Niverson for their stealth and flawless execution!

Kevin and son, Michael.

The card from the Irvine office, designed by our own Mary Kay Stam.

From Team Ventura, a Piñata covered with our competitors’ ads, filled with candy.We’ll never know why Kevin gave up a career in professional sports to sell window treatments – but we’re sure glad he did!

Kevin’s daughter Lauren, and wife Emily, laugh with the crowd.Kevin and his daughter Sara read a card from the field together.

Creativity on display! Kevin’s collection of birthday cards and gifts.

The crowd had a blast – but soon it was time to get back to work!

Global and Glamorous: Roller Shade Collection Features Fabrics from Around the World

Where can you see a Roller Shade collection that offers 150 fabrics that were sourced from Canada, China, Germany, Korea, Sweden and the good old USA?  In your own home, of course!  Our Design Consultants will bring this fabulous and very exclusive collection of materials that include designer prints, stripes, natural textures, solar screens and fashion colors, plus 1000 other products that can be custom-made to fit your windows, your style and your budget to you.  Call 3 Day Blinds at 877-614-3329 – same day appointments are available, and we can have your new Roller Shades installed in as little as 3 Days!

Customer Review for Shannon Helling

Dear Shannon,

My expression of thanks and appreciation are long overdue. I am so thankful for your highly professional design consultation and efficient ordering of the sun screen shade for our large picture window at Healing Through Prayer, office of Christian Science practitioners, in Montrose, California, this past spring. 

The installation went very well, and now that it is well past the summer solstice, we are using the shade regularly, since the lower position of the sun makes the shade necessary to cut down glare and heat. 

When you came to measure the window and to show me the available fabrics, and so on, you were prompt, courteous, efficient, friendly, patient and well prepared to answer my questions. You gave me appropriate and most helpful guidance, while also allowing me sufficient time to consider my own reasoning and preferences. I feel that you are exceptionally good at assessing the design elements to be considered and offering sound advice. You are an excellent listener and were respectful of my needs and perspective as a customer. 

I am so pleased with my experience with 3 Day Blinds, and with your work in particular, that I am interested in having you come to my home to help me with a window treatment for the family room portion of my kitchen.

Thank you, Shannon. I hope that business is going well and that this season is being good to you.

Sincerely and gratefully,

Shannon Helling is a 3 Day Blinds Design Consultant, covering the Porter Ranch, Glendale, and Burbank, CA areas. Call 877-617-3329 to schedule a free in-home design consultation or find a 3 Day Blinds Design Consultant in your neighborhood.

Customer Review for Deborah Anderson

Hi, Deborah,

The blinds were installed yesterday and WE LOVE THEM!

We really appreciate your expertise in pointing out those which would best fit our needs and desires. We love the soft light that filters through and we are really glad you gently suggested the ‘latte’ color instead of the white.  The color is PERFECT.  (I think we would have hated the whiter choice … too stark, etc.)

You recall that we decided upon an overhead mount on the sliding glass doors so the blinds would cover the obstruction of the door handle.  The blinds look good but I think they would look perfect if there were some sort of a ‘bar’ or small (appropriate looking) ‘valance’ to hide the hardware to which they are attached.  Do you have a picture or a suggestion of something simple that you think would accomplish this?  Can you mail or email us a picture of what might give those blinds the “finishing touch” they need?

Thanks again for adding such pleasure to our home,
Elsie and Cal,

Deborah Anderson is a 3 Day Blinds Design Consultant, covering the Benecia, Vallejo, and Livermore, CA area. Call 877-617-3329 to schedule a free in-home design consultation or find a 3 Day Blinds Design Consultant in your neighborhood.

Customer Recommendation for Kathy Trojan

Hi Kathy,

I wanted you to know that our blinds were installed about 10 days
ago. The gentleman that installed them was very polite. He did his work
quickly, efficiently and was very respectful to us and our home.

The new blinds finished our windows very nicely and give us the versatility
we wanted to enjoy our beautiful mountain views and to control the light and
heat from the sun.

Thank you for taking time to discuss the options available to us. Thank you
for your expert advice and for your meticulous measuring and ordering of our

Our experience with you and 3 Day Blinds has been very positive. Thank you
for all your good work!

I only do this when I feel I have received great service and great
value.   Yes, you have my permission to post my letter or excerpts of it.  I’m
also available if you need an endorsement in the future.

Best of luck to you,
Kathy Trojan is a 3 Day Blinds Design Consultant, covering Scottsdale, Cave Creek and Carefree, AZ. Call 877-617-3329 to schedule a free in-home design consultation or find a 3 Day Blinds Design Consultant in your neighborhood.

Behind the Scenes at a Video Shoot: 3 Day Blinds Recruits!

Last week, the spotlight was on Kevin Rabbitt, CEO, who made a recruiting video for 3 Day Blinds.

The good news is that our sales at 3 Day Blinds are sky-rocketing… so what’s the bad news?  Well, there isn’t any, unless your name is Tikie Holeweski, and it is your job to make sure that we are staffed with enough fabulous Design Consultants, Customer Care Representatives and Appointment Schedulers to keep up with the demands or our clients!

The fact is, we are in an environment where our sales and marketing teams keep beating the forecast, and Tikie has no choice but to just has to keep up! We have many competitive advantages, but the great team members who interact with our clients are by far our most important. Therefore, Tikie has very high standards, and only hires the most qualified, best-of-the-best candidates who also share the 3 Day Blinds Core Values, and, as you can imagine, these folks don’t just grow on trees…

So, Kevin Rabbitt, our CEO, came to the rescue last week, and got in front of the camera to make some recruiting videos.  Given his background in professional sports coaching, Kevin was a natural in the spotlight, and with the help of great guys in the studio from Eyecon Video Productions, we’re expecting an overwhelming response once these videos hit the web.  Kevin made a great case for top candidates in the Direct Sales, Interior Design and Customer Care professions to consider a career with 3 Day Blinds.  Feeling inspired already?  Click here to see our current job openings.

Otherwise, why not make Tikie even busier by calling us at 877-614-3329 to schedule your own free in-home design consultation?  One of the many talented people she has already hired will help you choose the ideal custom blinds, shades or shutters for your home, style and budget.  Then they’ll take guaranteed measurements, provide a quote, and arrange for a professional installation.  You could have your new window treatments installed within 3 business days!

A shot from behind the scenes.

Meanwhile, we’re all crossing our fingers…  hoping that some big Hollywood studio doesn’t decide to do some recruiting of it’s own… by stealing Kevin away from us for their next feature film!

Stay tuned… the final cut will be online shortly!

Tikie Holewski, Kevin Rabbitt and the team from Eyecon Video Productions. 

Introducing 3 Day Carpet

For over 30 years, 3 Day Blinds has served over 3 million satisfied customers. The same great personalized service and quality that you’ve come to expect from 3 Day Blinds is now available to you through 3 Day Carpet, thanks to a new partnership with Tuftex and Shaw to bring you premier carpet products, all in the comfort of your own home. Tuftex, Shaw Floors is a California based carpet manufacturer known for its innovative color, design, quality and care for the environment.

Our designers are product certified, provide exact measuring, floor plans and order submission.

What’s the first step?

Call 800-833-5111 to schedule your free in-home design consultation. You’ll love the treatment!

Ho’omaika’i’ana (Congratulations)! New Sales Records Set and 3 Day Blinds Irvine Team Parties Luau Style!

Tommy Bahama, watch out! If our boss, Kevin Rabbitt, ever decides to expand our line into island-influenced menswear, you’re history!The weatherman said it was going to be HOT, HOT, HOT today, and he was right!  3 Day Blinds  was cookin’ for the full month of June, and not just fabulous authentic Hawaiian Luau fare…  our sales last month not only exceeded our ridiculously aggressive forecast, but we’re saying “Aloha” to sales that are the highest we’ve seen in longer than any of us can remember!

We had a fabulously fun celebration in the Irvine office that started off with our fearless leader, King Kevin-Mea-Lanakila (Champion), calling the party to order, while boldly making yet another unique, completely unsolicited, but no doubt trend-setting fashion statement (left).

Next, we enjoyed a delicious buffet-style lunch catered by L&L Hawaiian Barbecue, complete with super-colorful decorations.

Another highlight was the hula hoop contest, the result of a challenge issued to Kevin’s children by our SVP of Human Resources, Tikie Holewski. Tikie has real talent and unbelievable stamina, but Kevin’s daughters Kristen, Sara and Lauren stole the show with their graceful dance moves, and daring acrobatics.  Wonder who they got their competitive sports genes from?  Just about everyone got involved, and for most of us, hula-hooping was not quite as easy as we remembered!

Meanwhile, our clients did not know that we were having a party, so our phones kept ringing off the hook in our call center, mainly with people trying to book appointments to meet with one of our expert design consultants in their neighborhood.  So, our Appointment Scheduling and Client Care teams kept our clients happy, and had to party in shifts.

It was fun to cut loose, laugh and celebrate the great year that we’re having!  Want to make our year even better and give your home a makeover with great new custom window treatments at the same time?  Just call us at 877-614-3329 and schedule a free in-home design consultation or click here to meet the 3 Day Blinds Designer in your neighborhood.

Or, just scroll down and join our Luau!  Thanks Eyvet Hartooni for the great photos you submitted. And “Mahalo” to everyone for stopping by!

Tikie warms up in anticipation of meeting her opponents.

Carla Rose demonstrates her amazing ability to keep multiple hula hoops in the air!

Valerie Bauer, Venita Campbell and Maria Queeno

Left to right: Anna Aldave, Feri Khosrowpour, Carrie Galvin

Amber Neeley and Ramona Seneviratne

Lauren shows off her talent to the crowd.

Rita Jewell and Susan Hernandez

Kristen has amazing hula hoop skill.

Anna Jimenez, Theresa Brown, Harold Bidlack

Sara can hula dance and keep a hula hoop in the air at the same time!Kimberly Pague, Frank Gutierrez, Karen Chen

Tamara Seyhun

Jimmie Njoroge, Tamara Seychun

Ashley Ragland, Jenni Su, Karen Chen

Ana Tremblay, Amber Neeley, Eyvet Hartonni, Ramona Senevirantne

Tikie Holewski and Kevin Rabbitt in what is normally a board room where important decisions are debated, sophisticated analysis is presented and innovative new products are developed… I swear!

Abdel Zayas and Kimberly Pague

Julie Ross and Kendra Macdougall

Michael Tremblay, Adam Cohen, Candace Baez

Michael McCarty

Sal Bahena, Robert Hernandez and John Leto

The first family of 3 Day Blinds: Emily, Kevin, Lauren, Michael, Sara and Kristen Rabbitt.