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Best of Christmas: Entertainment, Apparel, Decor and Dining Trends from 3 Day Blinds!

We could have taken a ’round the world trip to the centers of design, dining and entertainment, such as New York, Paris, London, Hong Kong and Tokyo to spot the trends for Christmas 2011, but luckily, it turns out that all the inspiration we needed was right here at  the 3 Day Blinds Corporate Headquarters here in Irvine, CA (not to mention the fact that the “globe-trotting” line item was vetoed from this year’s budget)! So here is WHAT’S HOT for the HOLIDAYS!

The Best Entertainment for Christmas:

At the risk of losing some of our top talent to a Hollywood studio or record label, we are showcasing what normally lies dormant behind the scene:


The audiance goes wild for Harold Bidlack as Santa with backup dancers Amber Neeley, Eyvet Hartooni and Will Padiernos.

Darrell Wilson on both guitar and vocals brings the crowd to tears with a moving rendition of Silent Night.Mary Kay Stam, Kevin Sanders and Darrell Wilson play a joyful holiday melody. Highly recommended!

As part of the talent contest, CEO Kevin Rabbitt demonstrated his “signature move”!  No one recommended that he give up his day job anytime soon to pursue perfecting this heretofore unknown, and dare we say, quite unique “ability”.

Kendra MacDougall and the “Rabbettes” (Kevin’s kids, Sara, Kristen, Lauren and Michael) steal the spotlight but are disqualified on the grounds of nepotism. Tough break for this immensely talented team!

Venita Campbell had the whole crowd singing along with her Window Treatments version of “A Partridge in a Pear Tree”!

Natalie Niverson (bottom of photo) had the crowd rolling in the aisles with her four hilarious videos featuring the two departments she supervises:

Special Orders  Installation Advisers

and Senior Management I  Senior Management II

As portrayed by Natalie Niverson, the senior management team showed off their dance skills: Blue background: Frank Gutierrez, Dave Hall, Greg Bibas, Kevin Rabbitt and Jeff Miller. White background: Karin Jeske, Tikie Holewski, Carrie Galvin and Ed Scott.

What to Wear for Christmas:

Calvin, Ralph and Tommy –  step aside!  What’s happenin’ in fashion is now being defined in Suite B-100!

3 Day Blinds CEO Kevin Rabbitt models executive casual day gear, with a surprise twist of red.

An elegant statement by Tamara Seyhun, sparkles against a backdrop of black.

Laura DiMario presents a stunning silhouette in Christmas Red.

Fashion editors take note: Lime is the new green for the season, as defined by Cristin Harrigan.A monochromatic statement in red accented by ornamental jewels by Ann Miranda shows sophisticated style.Ready for the red carpet, Kendra MacDougall and Diane Cappasso bring Santa Hats to the forefront of fashion!Joan Boardman redefines casual elegance with a crew neck top embellished with a gift motif!

Kevin Sanders, Data Guy, shows off his incomparable sense of design and his favorite core value!An uplifting message in a bejeweled motif, worn by Tikie Holewski, sets the stage for another blockbuster year in 2012!

No one can out-spirit Julie Moss and Glendy Gamboa!

Ashley Ragland, Jenni Su and Cari Bennett gather ’round the Christmas Tree that they decorated.Hugo Nguyen “Out-Christmases” his parents Hoai Nguyen and Vivian Vo (by a wide margin)!

How to Decorate for Christmas:

Just to put the word out:  we are ready for the camera crew from HGTV to show up any time!  We will out-style the best that they have!

How about an ornament made from Horizontal Sheer Material by Mary Kay Stam… Frank, can we start making these in the factory?Or a Vertical Blind-inspired design by Candace Arrellano? A new classic tradition… no Christmas tree is complete without one!Another ornament by artist Mary Kay Stam, lovingly crafted with pearls and beads.Ornament submitted by Kevin; in perhaps what will be a career-limiting move, Frank Gutierrez and Karin Jeske awarded this fourth runner up in the contest.Cheryl Abbott, a top Design Consultant covering San Clemente and Laguna Beach, CA submitted 3 stunningly stylish and artistic photos of Christmas decor in front of 3 Day Blinds window treatments:

Woven Wood Shades

Solar Screen Roller Shades

Custom Wood Shutters.

The Appointment Scheduling Team demonstrated that cubicle walls are not just for sound absorption!

The Christmas Tree Farm in Client Care.

Ann Miranda’s Christmas Scene showed that filing cabinets are for more than organizing important documents!

Someone needs to tell this Christmas decoration to “Phone Home!”

What to Eat at Christmas:

Martha, Paula, Wolfgang?  Try Cristin and Lucy for a change!

Bar-B-Q, Macaroni, Mashed Potatoes and Cornbread, of course!

Christmas cake!Cookies!Fruit and Nut Minis!Candy Cane Cake by Lucy (or what was left after about 5 minutes)!

Recognition for the Winners!

Prizes were awarded to many of the participants! Tikie and Amber are seen here distributing the fabulous gifts!Caught in the hallway, Kevin Rabbitt strikes a pose with his 4 children.We hope you enjoyed exploring our diverse talents not related to custom window treatments (the one passion we all share)! Everyone at 3 Day Blinds wishes you and your families a happy holiday season!

The 3 Day Blinds Orange County Design Team Delivers!

Team Orange County from 3 Day Blinds – Back Row: Leticia Gutierrez, Scott Mendez (VP, Sales), Les Braunstein, Carol Bond, Sheri Moody, Cheryl Abbott, Cliff Savolskis, Kevin Rabbitt (CEO), Heidi Benson, Cari Bennett, Jennifer Loving, Frank Gutierrez (SVP Manufacturing, Engineering & Supply Chain), Tikie Holewski (SVP, Human Resources & Sales), Front Row: Courtney Petruzzelli, Georgia Moore, Melissa Perez, Erin Kelly, Loretta SabogalToday was a great day to be a team member at the 3 Day Blinds Irvine Support Center!  Our Orange County Designers dropped by at lunch to help us continue our holiday celebrations (if not our diets), proving that they can deliver more than custom blinds, shades and shutters!  Our break room was soon overflowing with delicious and delightful treats, many home made by our talented Designers.

Irvine Support Team Members Julie Moss, Rosa Aguirre, Leilani Bowers, Amber Neeley, Tim Trerise, Eyvet Hartooni and Ivan Torres enjoy the bounty!“We are so grateful for this wonderful team of Design Consultants,” said Tikie Holewski, SVP.  “These are the people that make the experience of buying custom blinds, shades and shutters so easy for our clients.  Our Designers all have great product knowledge, design sense and project management skills, not to mention that they are all so darn likeable!  We did not screen them for great cooking skills when we hired them – I promise –  but they seem to be universally talented in this arena also!  Who knew?”

Les Braunstein, our 3 Day Blinds Designer covering La Habra, La Mirada, Rowland Heights, CA, expressed the following, “We wanted to demonstrate that we know that we are all a part of one team.  Everyone in the Irvine Support Center is dedicated to making us successful.  2011 has been wonderful for us, and we were thrilled to show our appreciation in this way.  It was fun to see everyone, and to meet the new people who have been hired as a result of our rapid growth.”

If you’re lucky enough to live in Orange County, CA we could probably have one of these talented Designers on your doorstep today or tomorrow, brimming with product samples and great ideas to help you choose the perfect custom window treatments for your home.  Not in Orange County?  No worries! We also have designers throughout the rest of California, as well as in Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, Ohio, Oregon, Texas, Utah, Washington and Wyoming.  So call us now at 877-614-3329 to schedule your free in-home design consultation with one of our design experts now!

Holiday Cheer from the 3 Day Blinds Accounting Department!

John Pinkowski from the 3 Day Blinds Accounting Department spontaneously begins making blueberry pancakes for all. Rosa Galindo gets ready to enjoy them!A wonderful aroma started wafting through the 3 Day Blinds Corporate Headquarters in Irvine, CA this morning…

Through an intense, exhaustive and exclusive investigation by your blogger,  it has been revealed that John Pinkowski from our accounting team, who comes to work every day looking a little scary, wearing black, manly motorcycle gear, has donned a frilly, flowery apron, fired up the electric frying pan, and is making blueberry pancakes for the entire team! 

It has been determined that the cause of this inexplicable transformation is HOLIDAY JOY, which is taking this office by a storm and leaving no one unaffected!

In fact, John and the rest of our accounting team have been in such a good mood, that we slipped the best promotion of the year by them:  Save 25%!  Hurry though, this offer ends December 31st!  Call 877-614-3329 to schedule you free in-home design consultation now.

Customer Recommendation for Richard Hoffman

Dear Richard,

I will refer you to my friends and family without a moment’s hesitation. You were great…you read my sense of urgency…offered me a great solution when the plantation shutters didn’t work and made the whole experience completely painless.  I can understand why you are finding so much success in your career at 3 Day Blinds

Thank you again,

Richard Hoffman a 3 Day Blinds Design Consultant, covering the greater Chicago, IL area. Call 877-617-3329 to schedule a free in-home design consultation or find a 3 Day Blinds Design Consultant in your neighborhood.

Happy Holidays from the 3 Day Blinds Client Care and Appointment Scheduling Teams!

Happy Holidays from the Irvine Support Team! Note: these are not standard working conditions!

The 3 Day Blinds Irvine Support Team, which includes our Client Care and Appointment Scheduling Departments is showcasing both their creativity and their generosity this week.  They have taken cubicle decorating to a whole new level, by creating a “tree farm”, and accenting it with beautiful, hand-made snowflakes, each of which represents a $1 contribution that will go to the Second Harvest Food Bank.

“All of us at 3 Day Blinds have been blessed with a successful year as a company, and in so many other ways individually,” says Amber Neeley, Manager, Client Care (pictured above, front right).  “We got together and brainstormed this idea to give back, and team members from throughout the office are generously responding.”

Rosa Aguirre (pictured above, front left), Manager, Appointment Scheduling, added, “I am so proud to work with such a talented group of people, who are also so giving.  It brings joy to my heart every time I look up and see more snowflakes on this beautiful holiday display, meaning that we are going to be able to help more people.”

Ready for new window treatments?  This group is ready to get you set up!  Just call 877-614-3329, and they will schedule your free in-home design consultation at a time that is convenient for you.  We can usually accomodate a same-day appointment, and can have your new custom window treaments installed in as little as 3 days!

The Irvine Support Team area at 3 Day Blinds has been decorated with trees and snowflakes.

Each snowflake represents a $1 donation to the Second Harvest Food Bank.Each snowflake is also hand-crafted by a member of the 3 Day Blinds Irvine Support Team and is unique.

Kendra MacDougall posing next to the appointment schedulers’ gingerbread house.

A Message for 3 Day Blinds District Managers: Prepare for Rapid Growth and Keep Hiring!

Ronda Jirik, Tikie Holewski, Judeann Glover, Maria Hauser, Gary Kvisler, Tony Valli, Augusta Gohil, Holly Janicki, Anthony Allain, Scott Mendez, Roger Miranda and Joe Bechill meet at 3 Day Blinds Corporate HeadquartersIt’s been 2 exciting days here at 3 Day Blinds Corporate Headquarters in Irvine, CA.  Our District Managers rolled into town from across the country for meetings with the corporate team, including Kevin Rabbitt, CEO, Tikie Holewski, SVP, and Scott Mendez, VP, Sales.

Our District Managers lead our teams of Design Consultants in all of the local markets we cover.  In our meetings we reviewed all sorts of exciting initiatives planned for 2012, but the primary mandate for our District Managers as they return home is to continue to recruit top quality Designers to support the rapid growth we are experiencing, which we forecast will ramp up even more aggressively in the coming year.

Kevin Rabbitt, CEO, 3 Day Blinds, addressed the management team yesterday. A key message is that we need to continue to hire talented Design Consultants to support company growth.“We’re looking for uniquely talented individuals with design sense, technical capabilities, community involvement, people skills and an entrepreneurial spirit to join our team in markets across the country,” said Scott Mendez.  “Our Design Consultants are self-starters who have the support of the local team, the benefit of a paid, 5 week training program, and a home-based office.  We outfit them with a notebook computer with software that allows them to provide an on-the-spot quote for their clients, a smart phone, product samples, marketing materials and corporate-generated leads.  Their job is to provide a superior client experience and to network in their communities to generate more business.”

We asked Sharon Pszanka, who serves Castle Rock, Parker and Colorado Springs, CO, to describe her career as a 3 Day Blinds Design Consultant.  “First of all, I love representing 3 Day Blinds.  We have a trusted brand with more than 30 years in business.  My reputation is important to me.  I’ve worked hard to establish myself as the custom window treatments expert in the communities I serve, and am confident that I represent a company that will keep it’s promise to deliver top quality products amazingly fast and back them with a lifetime warranty!” she said.  “I also love my work.  Every day is different, and I wake up with excitement, wondering what it will bring.  Every client has a specific need.  I am a problem solver, and most often I can leverage my creativity, design background, technical expertise and product knowledge to recommend a window covering solution that my client has not even dreamed of! With the constant flow of new product innovation, I am always learning.  My career at 3 Day Blinds offers me the freedom to have a home-based job with unlimited opportunity and the satisfaction of knowing that I am making the lives of my clients better.  I work hard, I have fun and I am rewarded.”

If you would like to learn more about becoming a Design Consultant for 3 Day Blinds, check out our Career Opportunities page.  If you would rather meet with a window treatments design expert (as opposed to becoming one), that’s OK too!  We probably already have one in your neighborhood who can provide a free consultation and have your new custom blinds or shades installed in as little as 3 days.  Click Here or call 877-614-3329 to get it on your calendar now!

Customer Recommendation for Kimberly Brock

Dear Kim,

This note is to let you know how lovely our new 3 Day Blinds shutters look and that we are completely pleased with their fit in the windows as well.

Thanks for the very professional job which you did, your product knowledge and your recommendations, which turned out to be perfect.  We would also like to say “thanks’ to the installer of the shutters.

Kimberly Brock is a 3 Day Blinds Design Consultant, covering the Scottsdale, Phoenix and Cave Creek, AZ areas. Call 877-617-3329 to schedule a free in-home design consultation or find a 3 Day Blinds Design Consultant in your neighborhood.

An Inside Look at Our Product Innovation Summit in Ensenada, Mexico

Courtesy of the Ensenada Tourism Board.

When most people think of Ensenada, Mexico, they think of an exciting, sunny, history-rich tourist destination with world-class beaches, shopping, dining, sunsets and wineries.  Many people have great vacation memories of this seaside resort.

However, when we think of Ensenada, we have a slightly different take, because that is where the 3 Day Blinds factory is located, so we think of the talented people who make our products, state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and the techniques that go into creating each unique product, which involve a lot of skill, hand work and love. 

While our factory does not have a gorgeous ocean view, it is beautiful to all of us, because it is the engine that allows us to deliver on the promises we make to our clients of delivering high quality, stylish, custom window treatments – fast!

From Left to Right: Lorena Jimenez, Michael McCarty, Betty Arce, Karina Castro, Xavier Esparza, Oscar Cobala, Karin Jeske, Jason Hendricks, Natalie Niverson, Jeff Miller, Frank Gutierrez, Chris Barth

This week, a group of us from the Corporate Office in Irvine, along with two of our Installation Directors, took a trip down to the factory to discuss the exciting, new product innovations that we are working on for 2012. 

It was great to have the collaboration of manufacturing, engineering, product development, merchandising, client care and installation in the same room.  We brainstormed a long list of ideas, and grew to better understand the challenges that each group faces.

“It was my first visit to the 3 Day Blinds factory, and it really opened my eyes,” said Jason Hendricks, an Installation Director.  “I was fascinated with the way the products are made, and I really enjoyed sharing with the factory management how exciting it is for me to install the products they make and how happy our clients are when they see how new window treatments can transform a room.”

Xavier Esparza, the General Manager at the Ensenada facility raved about the breakthrough ideas that  developed during the course the meetings, “After running this factory for many years, I am amazed at all the new ideas that are now on the table to improve the products and our processes.”

We were also given an in-depth tour by factory management to bring us up-to-date on all of the new technologies they have developed since our last visit.  Take a look!

The shipping docks at one of the four buildings on the 3 Day Blinds campus.

The factory floor is always buzzing with activity.

Two tractor trailor trucks leave the 3 Day Blinds factory every day.

Jason, Chris and Mike evaluate a headrail system.

Oscar Corbala, who manages Vertical Blind, Roller and Roman Shade production, as well as Extrusion and Roll Forming.

Karina Castro, who manages Honeycomb, Pleated, Woven Wood, Horizontal Sheer and Simply Sheer Shade production.

Betty Arce, Import/Export Manager in the warehouse that holds all of our back-up inventory.

Lorena Jimenez, who manages Mini, Wood, Faux Wood and Vinyl Blind production.

Natalie, Oscar, Chris and Jason look at a new extrusion for vertical fabric channels.

Mike presents his engineering recommendations to the team.

Mike McCarty shows how wood blind valances are cut.

Our Core Values, translated into Spanish, hang in all of 4 of our buildings on the 3 Day Blinds Ensenada Campus.A vertical blind headrail, which started as a flat piece of steel, comes out of our roll forming machine.

Vertical blind headrails in production.

Frank Gutierrez demonstrates the smooth operation of a Simply Sheer Shade on the production floor.

Karin Jeske tests a safety feature on a cutting machine that requires two hands to prevent accidents. All 10 fingers are still intact!Inventory is organized on shelves, and managed with scanning technology.

The team in the Specialty Shade department where we make shades in different shapes.

Marisol Garcia, Simply Sheers Assembler making a valance.

I don’t speak Spanish, but I think this means something REALLY GOOD!

Angélica Aviña, QC Inspector models our work gear, which incorporates our core values.

Isabel Mora, Horizontal Sheer Assembler making a shade.

Teresa Salinas, QC Inspector

Maria de Jesus Hernandez, Woven Wood Shade Assembler, doing the handwork necessary to create a beautiful shade,

Alfredo Soltero, QC Group Leader, inspecting fabric to make sure it is defect-free.

Octavio Roblero, Woods Pre Assembler, cutting the slats to the exact width.

Margarita Gonzalez, assembling a Mini Blind.

Jorge Martinez, assembling a Faux Wood Blind.

Veronica Peña, assembling a Woven Wood Shade.

Hugo Garayzar, cutting fabric for a Roman Shade.

An embossing wheel adds texture to a vertical blind slat before the plastic solidifies.

Vertical Blind slats ready to ship.

We arrived by car, not cruise ship. Courtesy of the Ensenada Tourism Board.

A view from one of the resorts in town.

3 Day Blinds Focuses on FAST Delivery!

At 3 Day Blinds, we make over 1000 products that can be delivered in 2 business days, each of which can be customized in almost an infinite number of ways.At 3 Day Blinds, we’re known for our quality, style, service, and of course, as our name implies, speed.  We’ve been in business since 1978 when our visionary founder began producing and delivering custom blinds in 3 days when the industry standard was about 4 weeks. It certainly would have been easier for us if he had chosen a different name for the company, but we love a challenge, not to mention delighting our clients!

More than 3 decades later, we promise to have your custom blinds and shades installed in 3 business days. With the Holiday season upon us, it’s already too late to order from many of our competitors, but our customers can order any of the 1000 custom blinds and shades we make in our factory as late as December 20th, and still have their new window treatments installed before Christmas!

Michael Kopp, our Design Consultant who covers Phoenix, Cave Creek and Scottsdale, AZ shared two recent stories about clients who needed their window treatments fast.  “Barbara had 25 out of town  guests coming for Thanksgiving dinner, and was so busy with her preparations, she thought she had missed her opportunity to order new window treatments.  She was so excited by all of the choices I was able to offer her just days before the holidays, and she chose the perfect shades that we customized to her decor and light contol needs.  As promised, they were delivered and installed before her first guest rolled into town.  She was delighted,” says Michael.  “Sandy is a new business owner and was planning the Grand Opening for her new fitness center.  Like Barbara, she thought that we had waited too long and might have to buy off-the-shelf products as a temporary fix.  It was a thrill to find the perfect window coverings and to see them installed before her big day.  I am so proud to work for a company that can deliver on so many amazing promises.”

Georgia Moore is the 3 Day Blinds design consultant who covers Brea, Placentia and Fullerton, CA.  She finds that very often her clients need their custom window treatments fast, but the reasons vary greatly.  “In the past month, I have had several clients that were getting their homes ready for the holidays, but also one who wanted to cover her daughter’s windows fast because of safety concerns after a neighborhood break-in, and another whose husband who was coming home after a hospital visit and needed room darkening shades to make it easier for him to sleep during the day,” she said.  “I love surprising my clients with the news that their window treatments can be installed in 3 business days.  But when I see the actual problems I am helping them solve, some that involve serious concerns, it really makes my work meaningful.”

Gerald Novatny, who covers Glendale and Phoenix, AZ had a different observation.  “Of course, as our name suggests, people expect us to be fast.  What surprises them is the vast selection of products that we can produce, ship and professionally install in 3 days, made to their exact specifications.  Often they think they will have to settle for a very basic product.  When I show them that they can choose from 12 different product categories, 1000 materials and almost an unlimited number of options, customized for their needs, they are always impressed.”

“I recently met with a couple who moved into a new home with no window treatments, had a baby and were planning to have company arriving, all in the same week!” says Erin Kelly, 3 Day Blinds Design Consultant covering Brea, San Dimas and LaVerne, CA.  “With the new baby, the lack of privacy and the bright sunlight coming in during the day, they were all sleep-deprived.  They were very unclear about what the right window treatments would be, but I was able to find the right solution for every room.  I first met with them on Tuesday, and their window treatments were installed that Friday.  They called me afterwards, and told me that they were thrilled with their window treatments and that they had a wonderful visit with their family that came in from out of town.”

If you need custom window treatments fast, call us.  If you thought it was too late to redecorate your windows for Christmas, that is only true if you are reading this on December 21!  Otherwise, call us at 877-614-3329 or schedule online, and let’s get this taken care of!  Our Designers will provide a free consultation and help you choose the perfect window treatments for your budget, style and technical needs such as insulation or light control.  And they can show you how you can rest assured that we will deliver and professional install your new window treatments in a little as 3 business days!