Monthly Archives: October 2010

From Plastic Pellets to Fashion Products

3 Day Blinds just introduced a new line of 40 vinyl vertical blind patterns that we make in our factory.  Unlike most of our competitors, we don’t just assemble blinds.  We actually buy the raw materials and make the products from scratch!  An example is the new Oxford pattern, which is available in 6 fashion colors, featuring an s-shaped profile, an embossed texture and a print.  

So, how do we do it?  

To make our vertical vanes, we start with the raw material – plastic pellets.  

The plastic pellets are melted.

While the material is still hot and soft, it is run through cylinders that emboss and print.  

The material is then pushed through a die that forms the cross-section, and it travels 100 feet while it cools down and solidifies.  We then cut it down to the length that the customer ordered.

Why do we make our own vertical blind vanes?  I can think of 7 great reasons:

1.     This allows us to react quickly to new fashion trends and create exclusive designs that are only available through 3 Day Blinds.  

2.     We control the quality.  

3.     We can respond quickly.  Place your order by midnight tonight, and it can be made to your specifications and shipped tomorrow.  

4.     Making our own vertical vanes rather than buying them on the open market creates more work for our valued team members in the factory.

5.     When we make our own products starting with raw materials, we lower our costs, allowing us to offer better value to our clients.

 6.     Wasted material is eliminated because we cut the vertical vanes to the exact length ordered as they are manufactured, rather than cutting them down from pre-cut vanes like most of our competitors.

7.     It is fun to be creative with and develop new products with our suppliers and manufacturing team with the great equipment and technology that our engineers have developed!

Now we will evaluate the success of this update, and continue to refine our Spring 2011 collections.  To learn more, call 877-614-3329 to schedule an appointment with your local design consultant.